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The winners of the 2024 Goya Awards | Goya Awards | Cinema

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The 38th edition of the Goya Awards was held this Saturday, February 10 in Valladolid. The great winner of the night has been The Snow Society, with 12 awards, becoming the third film in history that received the most big heads has won, including best film and best direction. JA Bayona’s film has also won the award for best new actor for Matías Recalt, and for best soundtrack, which were not included in the pools, in addition to all the technical awards.

20,000 species of beesthis year’s other big favorite, won the award for best supporting actress for Ane Gabarain, best new director for Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren, and best original script, which the filmmaker also won.

The Goya for best supporting actor went to José Coronado, for Close the eyesand Janet Novás has won the award for best new actress for The cuckold. David Verdaguer has won the award for best leading actor for They know that, and Malena Alterio, with the award for best leading actress for Let no one sleep.

The Goya ceremony was presented by the directors and screenwriters Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi (Los Javis) and the actress and singer Ana Belén.

These are the winners and nominees of the 28 nominations and here you can see all the films:

Better movie

  1. 20,000 species of bees (3 Goya Awards)
  2. Close your eyes (1 Goya Award)
  3. The Snow Society (12 Goya Awards)
  4. They know that (1 Goya Award)
  5. One love (1 Goya Award)

Better address

Better main actor

Better leading actress

Better supporting actor

Better Supporting Actress

Better Ibero-American film

Best new direction

Best original screenplay

Best adapted screenplay

Best original music

  • Natasha Arizu by The teacher who promised the sea
  • Arnau Bataller for The Antares Paradox
  • Michael Giacchino por The Snow Society
  • Alfonso de Vilallonga por Robot Dreams
  • Andrea Motis by They know that one

best original song

  • Eco (Friends until death) by Xoel López
  • Chinas (Chinas) the Marina Herlop
  • Andrea’s love (Andrea’s love) by Álvaro B. Baglietto, David García, Guille Galván, Jorge González, Juan Pedro Martín PuchoJuanma Latorre, Valeria Castro
  • The little chicken (The permanent image) by Fernando Moresi Haberman and Sergio Bertran
  • I just want love (I’m loving you madly) by Rigoberta Bandini

Best Newcomer

  • Brianeitor by Campeonex
  • Julio Hu Chen by Chinas
  • Matías Recalt by The Snow Society
  • The Dani by I’m loving you madly
  • Omar Banana by I’m loving you madly

Best New Actress

Best production direction

  • Pablo Vidal for 20,000 species of bees
  • María José Diez Close the eyes
  • Margarita Huguet by The Snow Society
  • Eduard Vallès por They know that one
  • by Leire Aurrekoetxea and Luis Gutiérrez shadow valley

Best cinematography

  • Gina Ferrer by 20,000 species of bees
  • Valentín Álvarez by Close the eyes
  • Pedro Luque for The Snow Society
  • Bet Rourich por One Love
  • Diego Trenas by One night with Adela

Best assembly

  • Raúl Barreras for 20,000 species of bees
  • Ascen Marchena by Close the eyes
  • Andrés Gil and Jaume Martí for The Snow Society
  • Fatima de los Santos by Mamacruz
  • Fernando Franco for Robot Dreams

Best art direction

  • by Lzaskun Urkijo 20,000 species of bees
  • Curru Garabal by Close the eyes
  • Carlos Conti for The movie teller
  • Alain Bainée por The Snow Society
  • Marc Pou by They know that one

Best costume design

  • Nerea Torrijos by 20,000 species of bees
  • María Armengol for The teacher who promised the sea
  • Merce Paloma by The movie teller
  • Julio Suárez for The Snow Society
  • Lala Huete by They know that one

Best makeup and hair

  • By Ainhoa ​​Eskisabel and Jone Gabarain 20,000 species of bees
  • Ana López-Puigcerver, Belén López-Puigcerver and Montse Ribé por The Snow Society
  • Eli Adanez and John Begara by The tenderness
  • Caitlin Acheson, Benjamin Perez and Nacho Diaz by They know that one
  • Sarai Rodríguez, Noe Montes and Óscar del Monte for shadow valley

Better sound

  • Eva Valino, Kolda Corella and Xanti Salvador for 20,000 species of bees
  • Tamara Arévalo, Fabiola Ordoyo and Yasmina Praderas for Campeonex
  • Iván Marín, Juan Ferro and Candela Palencia for Close the eyes
  • Jorge Adrados, Oriol Tarra and Marc Orts for The Snow Society
  • Xavi Mas, Eduardo Castro and Yasmina Praderas par They know that one

Best special effects

  • Mariano García Marty, Jon Serrano, David Heras, Fran Belda and Indira Martín for 20,000 species of bees
  • Eneritz Zapiain and lnaki Gil Ketxu by The hermitage
  • Pau Costa, Félix Bergés and Laura Pedro por The Snow Society
  • Mariano Garcia Marty, Jon Serrano, Juan Ventura and Amparo Martinez by Tin & Tina
  • Raúl Romanillos and Miriam Piquer for shadow valley

Best animated film

  • They Shot The Piano Player
  • The Sultana’s Dream
  • Hanna and the monsters
  • Mummies
  • Robot Dreams

Best documentary film

  • Caleta Palace
  • With you, with you and without me
  • This excessive ambition
  • Iberia, infinite nature
  • As long as it is you, the here and now by Carme Elías

Best European film

  • After sun (UK) by Charlotte Wells
  • Anatomy of a fall (France) by Justine Triet
  • The eight mountains (Bélgica) de Charlotte Vandermeersch y Felix Van Groeningen
  • Safe Place (Croatia) by Juraj Lerotic·
  • Teacher’s roomİlker Çatak at s (Alemania)

Best fiction short film

  • Although it’s night by Guillermo García López
  • Letter to my mother for my son by Carla Simon
  • divine beads by Eulalia Ramón
  • The crazy woman and the feminist by Sandra Gallego
  • Paris 70 by Dani Feixas

Best Documentary Short Film

  • Ava by Mabel Lozano
  • BLOW! from Neus Ballús
  • The bus by Sandra Reina
  • Heirs by Silvia Venegas Venegas
  • Shit therapy by Javier Polo

Best animated short film

  • Interns by Marina Cortón, Marina Donderis and Nuria Poveda
  • To bird or not to bird by Martin Romero
  • All good by Diana Acien Manzorro
  • Everything is lost of Carla Pereira and Juanfran Jacinto
  • the puppet by Sonia Estévez

The Goya gala

The Red carpet

Aitana Sanchez-Gijon attends the Spanish Film Academy's Goya Awards ceremony in Valladolid, Spain, February 10, 2024. REUTERS/Ana Beltran
Aitana Sanchez-Gijon attends the Spanish Film Academy’s Goya Awards ceremony in Valladolid, Spain, February 10, 2024. REUTERS/Ana BeltranANA BELTRAN (REUTERS)

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