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The powder keg of Inés Hernand: the neighborhood

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Thursday February 15, 2024 | 7.30pm

Free entry until complete seats

PLACE: Virgen de Belén Citizen Center at Avda Isaac Peral 23

The communicator Inés Hernand is in charge of coordinating The powder keg”, a cycle in which topics will be addressed to take the pulse of current events and which will take place over three sessions.

La Térmica is located in the Carretera de Cádiz district of Málaga, being an active witness to the evolution of this neighborhood for more than a decade. This district, with around 115,000 inhabitants, is one of the most populated in the city, surpassing the population of 18 provincial capitals in the country. Its transformation is notable, driven by new means of transportation, such as the subway, and demographic changes in its neighborhoods.

Originating in the 1950s and 1960s due to the rural exodus to the city, the district experienced a notable population change. Today, it has benefited from new social and cultural infrastructure, including museums and art centers, as well as high-level film and television training projects. In addition, the appearance of high-end apartments is observed while the old workers’ homes are occupied by a new working middle class.

Faced with these rapid social, demographic, economic and cultural changes, La Térmica seeks to reflect on the local reality through conversations with neighborhood representatives, urban planners and citizens. As an art center committed to its time and environment, it seeks to understand and share the closest reality.

Her experience and career have led Inés Hernand to be the multidisciplinary person she is today: an entertainment figure who is part of what is now the generation of women who propose themselves as excellent communicators.

From her position as presenter, podcastercommunicator and comedian, defends her credibility through social reflection, critical thinking and humor as drivers of her content, focused mainly on demands and activism. woke to try to bring the engine of change closer to the youngest.

She has been chosen as Best Public Entertainment Figure at TikTok’s ForYouFest 2022 awards, awarded in the Social Consciousness category at the Ídolo 2022 Awards and was in charge of collecting a National Ondas Award for Best Entertainment Program for “Gen Playz” in 2021.

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