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The new South Korean reality show “Agents of Mystery” is now on Netflix

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From now on, you can watch the new South Korean game show on Netflix. After several dating shows like Single Inferno in Change the daysrelegation race Physical: 100 and the intellectual version Devil’s plannow is the time Agents of Mystery. In it, famous South Koreans imagine themselves as inspectors and have to solve various puzzles. The series was created by Jung Jong-yeon, who was also in charge Devil’s plan.

Fans of the Netflix series Devil’s plan can move to Netflix starting today with a similar series. That’s about it Agents of Mysterya new reality series also created by Jung Jong-yeon.

Agents of Mystery

In Agents of Mystery a group of six well-known South Koreans form the inspection team. They have to solve special cases that cannot be answered by normal departments. The team has to investigate “on the spot” and sometimes the strangest things happen there.

We met six participants a few months ago. This includes comedian and singer Lee Yong-jin, American Korean singer John Park, comedian Lee Eun-ji, former K-pop star and actress Lee Hye-ri (Answer 1988), actor Kim Do-hoon (Mobile) and Karina K-pop group from Aespa.


In the official trailer, we saw how the six enter different rooms to solve different mysteries. These rooms always offer surprises. There are rooms with water flowing from the ceiling, insects crawling or even snakes.

Unlike other South Korean reality series Agents of Mystery immediately available in its entirety on Netflix. The series was created by Jung Jong-yeon, who is also the designer behind it Devil’s plan Is. In the past, he also made popular South Korean series Genius, Board game in The Great Escape.

Watch the official trailer again here Agents of Mystery:

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