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The Goya Awards pool: battle between ‘20,000 species of bees’ and ‘The Snow Society’, with an advantage for the former | Goya Awards | Cinema

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The time has come for us to think as academics to see if we get the Goya Awards right. By talking to voters and following in the footsteps of the Forqués, we can try to guess what will happen on Goya night. Why do we look at the Forqué? Because since 2015 they have only differed from the Goya on one occasion, in the rest they have been on par, and because although the press reads the opinions of directors, scriptwriters and performers, producers and heavyweights, the voters at the Goya are close. of 2,000 industry workers. The Forqué are the awards, therefore, with the most representativeness of cinema, and then the awards from the Union of Actors and Actresses would come, but these are awarded post-Goya. Let’s go to the mud.

Film, direction and novel direction

In an a priori edition very close between 20,000 species of bees y The Snow Society, There are two details that suggest that Estibaliz Urresola’s drama will win: that it already did so in the Forqué, and that many voters are still nervous about the tuntun and the red N at the beginning of some credits (time to get over it, right?). Despite the effort in his Bayonne campaign, capable of unfolding in the Goya and Oscar promo, the wave is being ridden by Estibaliz Urresola. For her it will be the Goya for new direction, and she would be the seventh consecutive director in an impressive streak (Have they passed her the amulet?). In direction, last year we experienced a surprise: Rodrigo Sorogoyen won with The beasts (which in the end was also the best film), Goya that seemed destined for Carla Simón, Golden Bear at the Berlinale with Alcarras Sorogoyen himself later declared that he thought, like the rest, that the Catalan would take him. So let’s take a deep breath: this is between Víctor Erice and Juan Antonio Bayona. Voter’s thought: how is Erice going to go without the Goya, when he probably no longer has any more occasions to receive it? On the other hand, they have sent Bayona to the Oscars… And he doesn’t get the accolade with this award? By the way, if Jota wins it, it will be his fourth Goya for best director with films that have never won the main prize. How do we explain this?


For best female lead, Malena Alterio, for Let no one sleep. It is clearly her moment, and the industry wants her after decades of primarily television work. In men, between David Verdaguer (they know that one) and Hovik Keuchkerian (One Love), The Forqués pointed out (although journalists also voted in this category) Verdaguer for his Eugenio in the biopic directed by David Trueba. In the cast sections, Ane Gabarain seems like a solid bet for her Lourdes in 20,000 species of bees, without losing sight of Clara Segura Creature. And in the men’s section… In the men’s section everything is possible: Coronado? Brendemuhl? Martxelo Rubio, on the wave of 20,000 species of bees? In the end, for his good vibes in the day-to-day work in the industry, Hugo Silva, who is also great in the asshole character of One Love. In the revelation, actress Janet Novás will be chosen because this is how she is recognized The cuckold (obviously, also because he does it very well, but that is assumed), and as an actor, the competition is between La Dani de I’m loving you madly and Brianeitor for Campeonex. Between a rock and a hard place, Brianeitor.

The actress Malena Alterio, portrayed in Madrid’s Plaza de las Vistillas.JUAN BARBOSA


We return to the Erice dilemma. The maestro and Michel Gaztambide, another prestigious veteran, are nominated in the original and Urresola awaits them there with 20,000 species of bees. I’d say she’ll take it. In the adapted one there are cuts, it is very open. Let’s say that between The Snow Society y Robot Dreams… The Snow Society (By the way, I highly recommend the book on which this libretto is based, a fascinating work by Pablo Vierci, who passes through Madrid next week).


Alfonso de Villalonga will win for Robot Dreams. The score by Michael Giacchino (The Snow Society) He is also beautiful, but what goes against him is that he is an American composer. In song, another category full of questions, Andrea’s love, from the film of the same name by Manuel Martín Cuenca, has attracted a lot of attention. Vetusta Morla, on stage.

Ana López-Puigcerver, makeup artist, during the filming of ‘The Snow Society’.Quim Vives


Production direction, art direction, sound, costume design, visual effects and makeup and hair, for The Snow Society. Here the voter chooses quickly. And, furthermore, it is true, these sections often contain the The Snow Society. In Photography I would also say Pedro Luque for Lto snow societywithout discarding Gina Ferrer García, por 20,000 species of bees, and Valentín Álvarez, for Close the eyes. And in editing, the work that differentiates cinema from the rest of the arts, I also think that Andrés Gil and Jaume Martí will appear for The Snow Society.

Animation length

Robot Dreams, by Pablo Berger. And hopefully the Oscar. And, by the way, why was there no courage in him entering art direction and best film? She deserved it.

An image from ‘Robot Dreams’

European, documentary and Ibero-American feature films

In the first section, the French Anatomy of a fall, by Justine Triet, Palme d’Or in Cannes. In the documentary, I think the voters will have prioritized their affection for the actress Carme Elías and it will come out As long as it’s you, about his descent into the emptiness of Alzheimer’s. And in the Goya for best Ibero-American film there are usually strange awards. The Puerto Rican Fishbowl It is a great film that almost no one has seen, the Argentine Ma’am She had a great time at the San Sebastián festival, and I think the Chilean will win fairly The infinite memory, documentary that is also at the Oscars, and that, once again, will bring Alzheimer’s to the ceremony.

short films

A world that is difficult to predict. In animation, I would choose To Bird Or Not To Bird, for whoever is behind him; in fiction (this year, what a good quintet), Although it’s night, by Guillermo García López, who started his journey in Cannes, who won the Forqué and who will bring the problem of the Cañada Real to the gala… and that in front of him has films by Carla Simón and Eulàlia Ramón. And in the documentary it makes me very funny and it shakes me Shit therapy but I would bet on Ava, by Mabel Lozano.

Two more comments: Juan Mariné, history in capital letters of Spanish cinema, will collect the Goya of honor at his 103 years old. And the international Goya goes to Sigourney Weaver. It does seem like a success to me to recognize this myth.

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