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The fast and noble bulls of Fuente Ymbro star in an exciting fourth running of the bulls of San Fermín | Culture

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Five runners have needed medical attention in this fourth running of the bulls of San Fermín; four with bruises on the face, arm and skull, and another who has suffered a penetrating wound, although it is not known if it was due to a goring. This provisional medical report gives an idea of ​​the nobility of the Fuente Ymbro bulls, which completed the race in two minutes and 18 seconds, just one second less than last year.

These bulls, all of them of enormous size, are originally from the Cadiz town of San José de Valle, but it seems that they have been training in the streets of Pamplona for a whole year. Once again, this herd has demonstrated an enviable physical form and a character that allows the runners to face the race with the respect due to the brave bull, but without the fear in the body that produces the fearsome reputation of other brands.

There were many people on the route, especially in the final stretch leading to the alley near the square, and the animals found it very difficult to continue on their way, which inevitably led to falls and small piles without serious consequences.

As every morning, the eight o’clock rocket woke up the herd, so peaceful in the Corrales de Santo Domingo, and the steers charged energetically up the first slope of the route. Up to five oxen took the lead and a sixth brought up the rear. Thus they reached the Town Hall square, where the only chestnut-coloured bull mustered up his bullfighting shame and shared speed with his tame companions.

They hurried down Mercaderes Street, but slowed down before reaching the planks of the long, straight Estafeta, which they all started together, with their eyes fixed on the companion in front of them and trying to avoid, as far as possible, the disturbances of those in white and red.

There were some nice races, many riders allowed themselves the luxury of getting close to the thick horns of the protagonists, and some paid for their audacity with spectacular falls.

On this occasion, the bulls from Fuente Ymbro did not stray towards the alley fence – further proof that they knew the route better than the corral of the pasture where they have lived until now – which prevented more than one collision and knocked down runners.

Once in the ring, the herd quickly headed towards the pens when the clock showed two minutes and 18 seconds, the fastest run this year.

In 2024, Fuente Ymbro celebrates its 17th San Fermín festival; since its debut in 2005 – it was only missing in 2019 – it has been characterized by its nobility and proof of this is that this ranch has been clean of injured runners for seven consecutive years, the only one so far this century with such a record.

Jarrero, Pijotero, Hortelano, Cazador, Manirroto and Historiador, five black and one chestnut, weighing between 520 and 575 kilos, are now resting in the corrals of the bullring. They will be fought this afternoon by Miguel Ángel Perera, Roca Rey, who will also return on Friday – he is the only bullfighter who will repeat at this fair – and Tomás Rufo.

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