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The Fallas of 2024 leave clues for the future | Culture

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They have not been Fallas to jump for joy; nor to cry before the wailing wall. But they must be useful for the future, so that the company can draw conclusions.

Let’s start with the main ingredient: the bull. In view of what has emerged from the bullpens, it should be clear what type of horning this plaza requires. Of what was fought, Victoriano del Río’s bullfight was unpresentable, a true affront not only for this hobby, but also for bullfighting in general. Likewise, the bulls of Puerto de San Lorenzo, which did not reach the minimum either. However, the five Juan Pedro Domecq bulls that jumped, two on the 15th, and the three on the 18th, without being anything out of this world, were accepted with absolute normality. And to understand what this square demands and needs, there are the Jandilla and Montalvo bullfights, which met the necessary requirements. Valencia does not look askance at the bull from other bullrings, what it looks at and demands is the bull present in the first bullring. That it is serious, that it commands respect, but the “diplodocus” is not necessary for people to surrender. What is unacceptable is to swallow with bulls the presence of those of Victoriano del Río, several protested at the exit for their insignificance. It is the first verifiable clue that business owners should pay attention to. It’s not that complicated, of course.

Valencia does not look askance at the bull from other bullrings, what it demands is the bull from the first bullring.

By the way, so that doubts are cleared up and that no one thinks that here there is a capricious persecution of Juan Pedro Domecq’s livestock, there is a record of the great bull that he fought first on the 18th, which, in addition, had a dignified presence.

Another clue that the Fallas cycle leaves is that of public attendance on the lines. There is no doubt here that Roca Rey, in addition to justifying his double performance, is the highest-grossing bullfighter of the moment and on whom a subscription like this should revolve. His double performance was included before, during and after the subscription. The two afternoons that he performed he filled the square. His name is an essential requirement. Take note for the July Fair, for example.

And based on the result, other previous forecasts have not been deceived either. There is the example of Cayetano, his presence was discussed and, given what we have seen, of course he has taken the position of some sword who has been unjustly left out. Unlike the young bullfighters who exist, at least in theory, to refresh the ranks. Only Borja Jiménez entered the Fair and, apart from his artistic qualities, he made clear his attitude to fight for the generational change in the ranks, so much in need of it. In view of the attitude of some veterans, who are going to contribute little, another clue is left so as not to ignore those bullfighters who are called “emerging”, but who are marginalized as has happened in this season.

Juan Ortega, to Veronica on the 18th.I’m going to Nautalia

Public success? Of course, in this sense, the forecasts have been fulfilled, more or less. The two filled by Roca Rey were sung. The response from the box office on the 18th and 19th was suspicious, but in the end the plaza registered some entries in accordance with the offer. Even, perhaps, more public than expected.

A wise move to move the rejoneo celebration to another morning other than that of Saint Joseph’s Day. March 19 is a very intense Fallera day, with family celebrations and more. In recent years, the rejoneo celebration had experienced a notable drop in attendance, but on this occasion the test of leaving it for another day has produced a positive result. But more must be asked for.

Where there was a puncture was in the bullfight on the 15th, under the formula of a rejoneador, Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza, a matador, Morante de la Puebla, and a bullfighter, Nek Romero. All outside their natural location. The composition of this poster was not understood before or after. Public attendance can be considered a half failure. Let it serve as a lesson.

Pablo Aguado settled for details, and Juan Ortega focused on the cape and lost himself in colorless performances

In the same way that the bullfight without picadors with students from different schools cries out for another reflection. There are celebrations throughout this series that turning them into a matinee would be more appreciated.

In artistic matters, the subscription leaves other reflections or questions in the air. Some very worrying. To wit: Pablo Aguado settles for details; Juan Ortega focuses only on the cape to later lose himself in colorless performances; Manzanares, Talavante, Castella and Emilio de Justo passed without making a noise. Fandi does not deceive, it is what it is and that is how it shows itself, although it does not contribute much after so many years. Morante, as if absent, left a cluster of speedwells. Ureña, although he was slow to react to his bulls, presented the best moments of quality bullfighting naturally. And Roman? Well, he saved the compromise, and things seemed to end in a draw.

Full stop to the novilleros: Peñaranda and Navalón are two real hopes. Jarocho and Zulueta, like the local Niño de las Monjas, missed a batch of great-playing Fuente Ymbro. Alberto Donaire, also from Valencia, accused the move to the higher echelon. And Nek Romero complied even though it was outside his natural habitat. Another fact to keep in mind for the future.

This Fallas Fair has left many clues for the future of this plaza. Has the company noticed?

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