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The Argentine Pilar Zeta, the secret of Coldplay’s aesthetics | The weekly country

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Eggs are constantly present in Pilar Zeta’s work, which for her evoke the magical crystal balls to see the future.Alberto HV

At the end of October last year, the Giza pyramids in Egypt housed the Mirror Gate, an imposing portal made of limestone, the same stone that the pyramids are made of, and which contained metal spheres painted iridescent violet (in honor of the sacred Egyptian scarab, a symbol of regeneration and birth) and gilding (by the sun), in addition to comprising eggs, the symbol of creation, in which visitors reflected themselves, evoking the magical crystal balls where it was said that we could see our future. All of this is very much in tune with Pilar Zeta, its creator, who since she was a child felt a great attraction for the pyramids, ancient Egypt and its symbology, as well as for the portals that for her represent the power to enter a new reality in which you can change the current one or experience others simultaneously according to the dictates of quantum physics.

Its monumental portals of geometric shapes have been a constant since Hall of Visions, a work that was exhibited at Art Basel in Miami in 2022 and which became the must-see of that edition of the art fair. It is estimated that 80,000 people visited it, a true phenomenon where even Deepak Chopra himself sat down to meditate, something typical of the multiverses so present in the work of the artist who, during Covid, carried out her 21-day meditation challenge.

‘Mirror Gate’, the installation he made in the pyramids of Giza, in Cairo, at the end of 2023.Alberto HV

Although that was the first time that she brought her digital creations to reality and especially in that size, an internet search about her reveals works such as collaborations with Camila Cabello, Lil Nas X, Kim Petras, the set design of the song Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream for her 2017 tour, directing the most recent Bimba y Lola campaign (something she previously did with Carolina Herrera) and, above all, her collaboration with Coldplay, which began a decade ago and which In 2019 it earned him a Grammy for best artistic direction. Her work with the British band, contrary to what many think, goes far beyond designing the covers of her albums. It is an artistic direction that acts as a channel between her music and an aesthetic and symbolic language, one in which Chris Martin found great affinity with Zeta and which apparently has become essential for him.

The way this collaboration came into his life is a reliable example of his character: his representative sent a mass email to a large list of band agents that contained a design of a tarot card with a drawing of a colorful head. meditating The email landed in the spam folder of Phil Harvey, Coldplay’s manager and creative director, who thought Martin, who was about to release A Head Full of Dreams, might like him. “It was the dream of my life. Last New Year’s Eve I made a wish list that I put under a pyramid (the same one that he still keeps in his house and under which today you can find many more lists), and one of them was that I wanted to work with the biggest band of the world. At that moment I thought, I don’t know, Depeche Mode, many others, but when two weeks later they answered that email to meet Coldplay at Soho House I said: ‘Stop! “This is the biggest band in the world.”

The artist, in her home in Mexico City with the work ‘Espejo Hongo’.Alberto HV

As Virgil said: fortune prefers the brave. Zeta’s history confirms this. At 19 years old and with only two months of studying a degree in Graphic Design and realizing that the traditional method of education did not suit her, she left her native Argentina and went to Miami. There she went to work in a hotel doing all kinds of jobs that were horrible for her and that didn’t last long because they fired her. Without a job, money, own cell phone or computer and a short resume that only included the three jobs he had had during university, but, at the same time, with a firm desire and above all conviction to go for everything and a great skill in using the computer, he went looking for work at all the printing presses in the city. In one they asked him to make a flyer in front of them. They liked her. In fact, they liked her more than the graphic designer they had employed. From that moment on, Ella Zeta began earning $50 for each party and wedding flyer while she gained fame. She soon designed the propaganda for all the electronics parties in the city.

‘Portal Desk’ and ‘Reflection Egg’.Alberto HV

When she completed her cycle there, she thought about going to Mexico, but a tarot reader told her that it was not the time yet, and since a friend was going to Berlin, she went with her for a week and stayed for five years, where she continued with graphic design. in the environment of electronic artists designing album covers and assuming the artistic direction of the legendary Berghain club for a month. Then she moved to Los Angeles and trusted her intuition, which let her know that she had to be there and meet certain people, like the representative who sent the providential mailing list that led her to have the meeting that would change everything just once. week after your arrival in the city. When she felt that Los Angeles had already given her what she had to give it, with the feeling that the people there were not happy with her present and a growing need for forest, she moved to Portland, in the State of Oregon. From there she could already afford to work remotely with the musicians with whom she collaborated, which allowed her over the next five years to conceive the idea of ​​creating her own pieces of art and having a house where she could form a universe. own. What she thought would be a delay in her plans due to Covid was actually the catalyst for it: it was during the pandemic that massive interest in digital art, NFTs, emerged. “I thought: I’ve been doing digital art for years! I was already designing my pieces in 3D then but I had no idea how I was going to produce them or make them tangible. During the pandemic I did thousands of meditations and exercises every day, I watched 500,000 videos and I asked the universe to find something that was mine and I could continue recreating it.”

‘Pyramid in the Clouds’.Alberto HV

In 2022, finally, Mexico’s turn had arrived. It is there, where the guardians are his two cats Matrix and Music, where he creates his next projects: of course the art of Coldplay’s new album, the pieces he presented at Art Dubai the first week of March and a portal that he will exhibit in one of the Moco Museum headquarters already having some of its NFTs in Barcelona as part of The New Future exhibition currently underway. To focus everything on the right path, he begins his days with a meditation, often from the Silva method, right when he wakes up. “The state between the theta frequency, a dream state, to alpha, when you are more awake but not yet relaxed, and before beta, which is when you are fully awake, is the key point at which your brain has the information of your subconscious purest and is ideal for visualizing and programming that incredible things are going to happen in your day.” Afterwards he practices chi kung and reads while drinking coffee.

Some of the mystical objects that populate the artist’s house.Alberto HV

As for what I might want to happen, after so much… “What I want now is to travel the world taking my work to museums and galleries where it hasn’t reached. But, above all, flow.” Responds when asked about her future wishes. She knows better than anyone that doing so and enjoying the present is the best way to project a bright future. However, she continues to sow seeds and she mentions that perhaps she would like to do something in the Al-Ula desert in Saudi Arabia, where artists like James Turrell and Agnes Denes have mounted colossal installations. By the way, there is a giant portal with some stairs that is tattooed on it. After knowing how everything works for Zeta, it’s clear that this is a sign that sooner or later she’s going to pass. For now, she will surely follow Nietzsche’s phrase on a daily basis that she has hanging on her refrigerator: “Today I turn everything into gold.”

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