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The April Fair, between the ‘remataos’ posters, the Sevillian navelism and the tradition of San Miguel | The bull, by the horns | Culture

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It must be recognized that the posters for the next April Fair are the icing on the cake, finish them off, as they like in Seville (practically the same as in 2023), well combined, full of recognized names and artist farms and collaborators with the bullfighters. Posters that, on paper, are a good attraction for the box office that will surely attract long lines despite the gloomy clouds hanging over the economy.

The Sevillian poster is, without a doubt, a source of pride for spectators of this new bullfighting that seeks fun above any demands inherent to the bullfighting festival.

The April Fair of 2024 is, once again, a well-cooked, appetizing cake seasoned with that other icing called Morante de la Puebla, which returns to its plaza after its great triumph last year, and which has served to be the absolute protagonist of the 2024 subscription. And La Maestranza will be filled, for sure, on the days in which the bullfighter is announced, and an enthralled public will eagerly wait for the artist’s muses to reappear to live, who knows, another unforgettable moment .

Next to the renowned teacher, the young veteran Borja Jiménez, who enters the fair on his own merits and through the front door from which he left in Madrid. This bullfighter already knew the joy of the Puerta del Príncipe during his time as a bullfighter, and he will be welcomed with affection and expectation.

It has never been easy for Seville to embrace bullfighters from outside; No one will remember a large group with merits to be in La Maestranza

With the same interest that a poster with the two roosters in the corral, Daniel Luque and Roca Rey, would have aroused, impossible due to ridiculous and childish personal confrontations; In any case, both, also because they deserve it, will have plenty of opportunities to renew their laurels.

Morante, Jiménez, Luque and Roca will be well accompanied; In reality, all the performers attend between cottons because fifteen of the seventeen posters are made up of figures, and only the bullfights on April 7 and 9 include bullfighters who do not enjoy the “maternal appreciation” of the “fans” of this land .

Posters finish them offYes, as the remembered Diodoro Canorea taught his son-in-law Ramón Valencia, current manager of the Pagés company, and as they like, of course, to the Real Maestranza de Caballería, owner of the square and very interested in the full of “no there are tickets”, because it is not in vain that he pockets just over 22 percent of the turnover of each celebration. And they also dazzle the vast majority of those who attend the plaza, who long for art with four-legged artists rather than feats with bulls.

Posters finish them off – well combined, attractive, with a predominance of artistic bullfighters and bulls of the same suit – are the ones that, apparently, are desired in this city.

The Puerta del Príncipe de La Maestranza seen from the monument to Pepe Luis Vázquez.PACO PUENTES (EL PAIS)

An aristocratic subscription – the shade lines, of course – for well-off, economically well-off people (La Maestranza is a very expensive square, and this year ticket prices rise by 6 percent, although the company clarifies that they were frozen since 2020), generous of spirit, good makeupin need of social recognition, who comes dressed to the nines and smiling to the best worldly catwalk in the capital.

The Sevillian bullfighting temple is the son of the city that gave birth to it: navel-gazing, “the best fair in the world”, “after me, no one”, as if bullfighting and its long and fertile history began and ended at the Puerta del The prince.

For that reason, neither the company nor its clients usually miss any bullfighter on the posters. There are those who have to be there, and it’s over. Because it is a subscription for respectable gentlemen, a local or foreign audience with no other desire than to have fun with an art that cannot be endured and a minority of patient amateurs who lack the ability to make their voices heard.

No one will remember a large group of bullfighters with the merits to see the arches of La Maestranza from the albero and who are not there; The least of them are local, because they have not yet been able to escape from the very low area of ​​the ladder, and the rest, because they have not obtained the vitola of great figure and, furthermore, they were born beyond the walls of the city.

It makes no sense that in the month of February the autumn San Miguel Fair is announced without taking into account the winners of the season

It has never been easy for Seville to embrace bullfighters from outside; it welcomes them, yes, if they appear by chance and fall into its favor, but no more. Many interesting bullfighters are excluded from this subscription, but no one will ask about them. As there are others without merits for it, but they appear for reasons of surnames or business commitments. Like life itself…

And the bulls? More than the brave ones, the usual collaborators. Miura, by tradition; Victorino, for repeated triumphs after many, many years of absence, and the others, those that the figures demand, and let’s say no more. In fact, the same as last year: only El Torero leaves and Juan Pedro Domecq and Alcurrucén return.

And after the April Fair, the San Miguel Fair, at the end of September.

Why are the end-of-season posters announced in the month of February, are they included in the subscription and do they have to be paid for several months in advance? Doesn’t it seem more logical to wait for the winners of the season and present a subscription with the three runs of the cycle in September?

Well no; and the reason is simple: it has been done this way since time immemorial and no one protests. And since no one complains, the company deposits a certain amount of money advanced by its clients into its account without any advantage in return.

Be that as it may, it is not normal, but that is Seville. Tradition must be respected: posters finish them off, few bullfighters and, if possible, figures; bulls that do not provoke fear, a handsome and fun audience, and a presidential box, -don’t forget-, disoriented and at the inevitable service of the increasingly comfortable triumph.

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