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Home Culture The 2024 Chenel Cup will host 14 bullfighting events in 13 Madrid municipalities, from March 2 to June 30 | Culture

The 2024 Chenel Cup will host 14 bullfighting events in 13 Madrid municipalities, from March 2 to June 30 | Culture

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The 2024 Chenel Cup will be held from March 2 to June 30 in 13 municipalities in the Community of Madrid that will host 14 bullfighting events, three more than in the previous edition.

The Minister of Environment, Agriculture and Interior, Carlos Novillo, participated this Friday in the presentation of this fourth edition of the bullfighting cycle that is fully financed by the regional Government and organized by the Toro de Lidia Foundation with the aim of giving an opportunity to the Lesser known right-handers.

Like every year, the winner will have a guaranteed place on the poster of the Corrida de la Hispanidad that will be held at the Monumental de Las Ventas on October 12, the celebration that ends the bullfighting season. This season, 21 matadors will compete for the trophy in tribute to maestro Antonio Chenel Antoñete. In statements to the media, Novillo has pointed out that “year after year this bullfighting event is consolidated, grows and improves” to which “about a hundred candidates willing to participate” are added, which certifies in the eyes of the counselor “the extraordinary reception it has had among professionals in the sector and the success of the regional government firmly supporting this project.”

For Novillo, the promotion of bullfighting “is essential” both for the “protection of brave cattle” and to “give opportunities to these matadors who have difficulties accessing the fairs and who, thanks to the Chenel Cup, will have that opportunity.” first chance.”

Furthermore, the advisor to the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso has said that with this edition the places “that have been closed for years due to ideology will be opened and that, thanks to the Chenel Cup, the fans of Valdemorillo and Móstoles” will be able to return to enjoy them.

The competition starts in Valdilecha and closes in Móstoles The Chenel Cup will begin this year in Valdilecha, a municipality that will be succeeded by Brea de Tajo, Villarejo de Salvanés, Estremera, Cercedilla, San Agustín del Guadalix, Torres de la Alameda, Algete, San Martín of Valdeiglesias, Valdemoro, Valdetorres de Jarama, Alalpardo and, finally, Móstoles, which will host the two finals (June 29 and 30).

The 2024 Chenel Cup will not only have an increase in the number of bullfights, but also in the participating herds, which reach 29, six more than in the previous edition and almost half of the selected bulls come from the brave Madrid field.

Once the positions on the posters have been drawn, this is how the combinations of the first seven celebrations remain, in which, in addition to Spanish right-handers, representatives from Peru, France and Mexico also participate:

—Valdilecha, March 2: bulls by Javier Gallego and Salvador Domecq, for the Peruvian Alfonso de Lima, Alejandro Marcos and Álvaro Alarcón.

—Brea de Tajo, March 3: bulls from El Estoque and José Luis Osborne, for Rafael de Julia, El Astigitano and Juan Fernando Molina.

—Villarejo de Salvanés, March 9: bulls from Cerro Longo and Castillejo de Huebra, for Antonio Puerta, Miguel Ángel Pacheco and Antonio Grande.

—Estremera, March 10: bulls from El Retamar and Hermanos Cambronell, for the Frenchman Thomas Joubert, Mario Sotos and Diego García.

—Cercedilla, March 16: bulls from Alcurrucén and El Vellosino, for the Mexican Luis David Adame, Alejandro Fermín and Cristian Pérez.

—San Agustín de Guadalix, March 17: bulls from Montealto and Saltillo, for the Portuguese Manuel Dias Gomes, Lagartijo and Christian Parejo.

—Torres de la Alameda, April 6: bulls from Guadajira and Lora Sangrán, for Rubén Sanz, Manuel Diosleguarde and Víctor Hernández.

The three bullfights of the second phase, to which the nine best-ranked bullfighters will advance, will be held on April 20, 28 and May 4 in the squares of Algete, San Martín de Valdeiglesias and Valdemoro, with cattle from Los Eulogios and Monte La Ermita, José Enrique Fraile y Buenavista and Ángel Luis Peña y Flor de Jara.

Already in June, on the 15th and 22nd, the two qualifying bullfights for the finals will take place, with three swords each, in the squares of Valdetorres del Jarama and Alalpardo and, in that order against bulls from Ana Romero and Concha y Sierra and by Aurelio Hernando and Salvador Gavira.

For the dates of June 29 and 30, both in the Plaza de Móstoles, the two final celebrations are set: a first “for three”, with horns by Adolfo Martín and Zacarías Moreno, and a final one “for two”, a hand in hand with the two most outstanding bullfighters of the cycle, with cuatreños from the irons of Pedraza de Yeltes, Baltasar Ibán and Victoriano del Río.

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