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Susanna Klibansky stopped by to meet the Real Housewives of Amsterdam

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After two seasons, Susanna Klibansky announced that she is saying goodbye to The Real Housewives of Amsterdam, Videoland’s reality series that revolves around enterprising and successful women in Amsterdam’s high society. He ends the series because he finds it difficult to combine it with his other works.

Susanna confirms this on her Instagram and in an interview with RTL Boulevard.


The rumor that Susanna would end the reality series had been circulating for some time. Now the reality star has confirmed it herself. ”Although I thought it was great to be a part of this great program, it really took up a lot of my time. This is not something I do in everyday life. I have built a wonderful company with my family,” Susanna tells RTL Boulevard.

He says that the women of the reality series have been filming for about half a year, which takes a lot of time and interferes with his other work. “I just can’t combine it with my work anymore. What I do also with great passion,” Klibansky said.

A career as a singer?

Susanna was recently seen in an entertainment program Stars on stage, where famous Dutch people took on the challenge to become the best musical star. She managed to wow both the panel and the viewers at home with her talent, eventually finishing tied for second place with singer Emma Heesters. Michel Mulder walked away with the win.

In an interview with RTL Boulevard, Susanna confirms that she definitely wants to continue singing and entertaining. “I really like singing and performing. So maybe there will be more. We’ll see.” The reality star says something fun is coming, but she can’t say anything about it yet.

Below you can watch Susanna’s interview with RTL Boulevard.

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