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St. Petersburg Court Holds Session Inside Strip Club

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A court in St. Petersburg made an unusual move to hold a session inside a strip club as part of litigation over unauthorized renovations.

The court described the off-site session at the X.O. Men’s Club as an “official necessity” in a tongue-in-cheek statement released Thursday.

Local authorities accuse X.O. Men’s Club of “impacting the apartment building” where the strip club is located by demolishing partition walls, dismantling some of the floors and cutting into the water drainage network.

The plaintiff in the case is seeking the defendants, Yelena and Sergei Sazonov, to return the layout of the premises to its original state within three months if found guilty.

“Judge Irina Albertovna Vorobyova decided to hold an on-site court session in order to sort out who’s right and who’s wrong on the spot,” St. Petersburg’s court system wrote on the messaging app Telegram.

The court has not yet handed down a verdict. 

An accompanying video of the off-site hearing was set to the thematic soundtrack by Sam Brown’s “Stop” as it showed Judge Vorobyova and others inspecting the strip club.

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