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Rhea Ripley: “We’re being menaces to society”

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The Judgment Day’s Rhea Ripley has been a driving force in the stable and has often turned the tide for the group in critical moments. Recently, she opened up about her on-screen relationship with former SmackDown Tag Team Champion Dominik Mysterio.

In September 2022, Dominik Mysterio did the unthinkable when he turned on his father and Edge after WWE Clash at The Castle. Later, he joined The Judgment Day and aligned himself with Rhea Ripley, who claims that she brought about the change in Dominik.

The WWE Universe has been speculating for a while about the nature of their on-screen relationship. Speaking to New York Post, Rhea Ripley opened up about her relationship with her fellow Judgment Day member and the motives of the two superstars:

“Me and Dom Dom, we’re just going out there and we’re having fun. We’re being menaces to society and just going out there and doing whatever we want. We’ve definitely put our own spice onto it. This all just started from me wearing an “I’m Your Papi” shirt. I knew that I was coming back and I knew I wanted to screw with Rey on his (25th) anniversary. I was like you know what, I’m going to order this shirt and wear it on TV and that was it pretty much.”

It will be interesting to see what’s next for the stable as we head into Survivor Series: WarGames this weekend.

Rhea Ripley gave Dominik Mysterio a new look and motive as he joined The Judgment Day

Earlier this year, The Judgment Day began targeting Rey and Dominik Mysterio on Monday Night RAW. After they successfully removed Edge from the group, Finn Balor took over the stable.

The trio viciously attacked the father-son duo on several occasions in the weeks leading up to their match. The duo finally got the upper hand at SummerSlam 2022 when Edge returned to even the odds.

However, the Rated R Superstar’s return caused dissension between the father and son. After Clash at the Castle, Dominik Mysterio joined the stable, and Rhea Ripley stated that she was the one who made these changes for Dom.

The Eradicator and Dominik Mysterio were paired on-screen in the aftermath. The stable is currently headed for Survivor Series, where Rhea Ripley will enter the WarGames match and Balor will face AJ Styles.

Do you think The Judgment Day will stand tall at the premium live event? Sound off in the comment section.

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