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Seven speedwells and a half | Culture

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It was a moment of unexpected reverie and, without a doubt, the most colorful of the afternoon. The third had just come out, and Pablo Aguado, hardly without any evidence, threw the Veronica as if it were nothing, with astonishing naturalness, as if he were playing, and the hits emerged like drops of syrup, each one more tasty, gaining ground from the draws until beyond the second line, the bull immersed in the fabrics, and when he finished the seventh, and the audience was hypnotized, he drew an absolutely beautiful stocking.

It was the best but not the only thing about this Sevillian bullfighter who this afternoon felt especially inspired with the cape. He took that bull to the horse with a very unique galleo by chicuelinas, and moments later he took the same pole and the verónica away again.

With another bunch of speedwells and a revolera he received the sixth, but these, executed with the same effort and smell, sprouted more unequal; Perhaps for this reason, he insisted on the removal, which he closed with two poster socks.

More, much more, was expected from Juan Pedro’s bullfight and the shortlist of renowned figures, but the bull, the one that those who made the Paseíllo demand so much, ruined everything.

But you just have to be a little observant to understand why high-class bullfighters go crazy for these bulls. Those of today, for example, showed a very fair cloth and comfortable heads; It is clear to see that strength and character are not innate qualities, they have the face of good kids, they do not convey danger, even though they logically have it, nor do they pose problems, they let it be, and, sometimes, an artist appears and collaborates with his bullfighter. But only sometimes, very occasionally. And today was not the day. Today, the bulls from Juan Pedro’s ranch, the mother of almost everything that grazes in this country and outside of it, were tame—only the last one put his face in the breastplate—, very outcast, bland, insipid, listless and with a soul empty of bravery.

The first of them, at least, allowed Morante to show the world that he is an excited bullfighter with a desire to win. He repeated the attack on the muleta, without humiliating, with a point of violence in each attack, which allowed the bullfighter to settle his shoes and draw a linked and suggestive series of right blows; some loose and deep natural ones, and some high ones loaded with elegance composed a measured and accurate work. The fourth was a marble that he decided not to attack and Morante passed it diligently, as it should be.

Morante de la Puebla, in a rude attitude towards his first bull.Arjona Pagés

He looked blessed the second of the afternoon, and Manzanares looked at him with a look of disgust, knowing that it would not be easy to sign a mutual collaboration agreement. He did not want a fight, and the bullfighter limited himself to insubstantial work, at the level of the reluctance of his opponent. The fifth, nothing, didn’t say anything and went to the other neighborhood without making a sound.

It is said that Aguado excelled with the cape, and could only stand out in loose sparks in the final third. Noble and without class he was the third, afflicted very soon, from whom he stole some naturals with good lines, but lacking in grace. And the sixth it seemed that…, but he crowed prematurely. He resorted to deception with joy and Aguado shone in a trench with a taste of glory, and when he was preparing to fight, the bull turned around and sought the shelter of the boards without any shame.

A disappointing afternoon, but you know: the figures rule and they demand the handsome, kind bull, just enough strength and good character. What happens is that this is not the brave bull, but a substitute, a caricature that smacks of deception. Like this afternoon.

Domecq / Morante, Manzanares, Aguado

Bulls of Juan Pedro Domecq, fair in presentation, meek, noble, outcast, bland and tasteless. A disappointing set.

Morante of Puebla: low lunge (great applause); puncture that stands guard and puncture (silence).

José María Manzanares: back lunge and fall and a hair loss (silence); puncture, opposite thrust and four crazy things (silence).

Pablo Aguado:: pinch, metisaca and stockade (silence); rear half and lying (farewell ovation).

La Maestranza Square. April 11. Fifth subscription run of the April Fair. Full of “No bills.”

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