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San Fermin Fair: Grand entrance for Emilio de Justo | Culture

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Emilio de Justo deservedly cut off the two ears of the great fifth bull with Victoriano del Río’s muleta and left on shoulders through the Puerta Grande. It would have been a crime not to have done well with this bull, which exuded class, nobility and greed, just as it did with the banderillas, although its passage through the horse was uneven, so that it pushed in the first jab and tossed and bucked in the other.

De Justo received him with the verónica and chicuelinas, El Algabeño starred in a good third of banderillas and the matador began the faena with the muleta from below, with his usual elegance, and knew how to adapt to the deep and repetitive charge of his opponent. At first, the long chest passes stood out, and the faena reached its splendor in a series of deep and long natural passes, fastened with a very tempered trincherilla; then, another good series with the same hand and some final ayudas before collecting a good estocada and parading the two trophies.

But only a part of the public applauded the bull when it was dragged away, when it deserved higher honours for its way of lowering its head, its fixation, its rhythm, promptness and aggressiveness.

It was not the only bull that triumphed. There were at least three more: the first, the second and the third. Only the last one performed well in the bullfights, but all of them repeated with the muleta with mobility, nobility and quality even though their fighters went unnoticed.

We must not forget the very noisy atmosphere in the Pamplona square, where most of the spectators eat, drink, dance and sing a Christmas carol, The yeyé girl During the bullfight, it is not the best setting for modelling a well-rounded performance. Artistic inspiration requires the bullfighter’s own skills, but also an attitude, attention and communion with the stands that is not possible here.

That said, neither Castella nor De Justo were up to the quality of their first two bulls. To begin with, they lacked, as happens today to the entire ranks of matadors and novilleros with and without horses, a sense of measure. Castella was not only cold, with few ideas and bad with the sword in his noble first, but he was heavy, very heavy in a task as endless as it was trivial. Nor did the fourth show any command, at least as he turned him over without consequences and gave a rally with the sword, so that he did not hear the three warnings by pure miracle.

Nor did Emilio de Justo inspire enthusiasm with the second of the afternoon, which was tame in the lances, and which turned around when the bullfighter received it with the cape and reached the final third with its body locked in place, with humility, fixation and movement. De Justo stood out in the chest passes, and only at the end did he understand the condition of the bull in a good series with his right hand. After a detached sword thrust, he allowed the bull to go through a long and incomprehensible agony and obliterated the little he had achieved.

A few tight bernadinas at the end of the bullfight and a good estocada to the third one gave the first ear of the afternoon to a fine Ginés Marín, who drew up the bullfighting with the verónica in the reception passes. He began with the muleta in hand on his knees, as is mandatory in this fair, with high passes, but later, with his footing established, he bullfought with taste and depth in two series of natural passes and another with his right hand, the most rounded, before the bernadinas that caught the attention of the dancing public. He could not round off his afternoon against the sixth, the most lackluster bull of the event, with which he more than justified himself.

Emilio de Justo was carried out on shoulders, but let us not forget the outstanding performance of four Victoriano del Río bulls that deserved better luck.

From the River / Castella, De Justo, Marin

Five bulls of Victorian of the River and the sixth of Bulls of Corteswell presented, tame in the rods, except for the third; greedy, noble and with just the right strength. The fifth stood out, very well-bred and of great class in the last two thirds, and those fought in fourth and sixth places failed.

Sebastian Castella: two punctures -warning- and rear stab (silence); -warning- four punctures, half a thrust -second warning- and a descabello (silence).

Emilio of Justus: detached stab -warning- (silence); a stab (two ears). He left on shoulders through the Puerta Grande.

Gines Marin: stab (ear); stab (silence).

Pamplona SquareJuly 9. Third bullfight of the San Fermin Fair. Full house.

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