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Roca Rey, plethoric and resounding | Culture

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The third in the afternoon and Roca Rey unleashed madness on an afternoon of festive audiences. ‘Leguleyo’ was Jandilla’s bull, brown, weighing 530 kilos, which the Peruvian right-hander bullfighted with the cape from the third to the plate. The third of rods was a simulation, but in the muleta, despite his fair strength, he was a great bull. He is always faithful to deception, with fixity, repeating and with a long throw at the end of each muletazo. The party was completed by Roca Rey, also faithful to his style. Two exchanged from behind on their knees at the hydrant, and from then on the task was a carousel of passes by one piton and another. Some with a long line and with control, others with a gallery, but always a Rock in its purest form. The one from Jandilla showed his qualities, while the Peruvian sword did not spare his efforts either. Between the orthodox and the special effects, a task took place with the square going crazy. The public asked for the pardon of ‘Leguleyo’ and Roca, in the midst of general ecstasy, was lazy when it came to killing. But from the box he received, again and again, the order to go in and kill. Stocking with spill was enough. Collective madness at the same time that ‘Leguleyo’ was turned around the ring.

With the big gate won, Roca went to porta gayola to receive the sixth on his knees. Gesture of self-love. In the long run, a bouquet of chicuelinas followed to the taste and clamor of the people. This Jandilla bull is a good one, although from the middle of the task onwards he threatened to find a draw. Roca spared no effort. And although the series did not go completely well, there were crutches absorbing the animal’s attack. On the bull’s left piton he achieved the most brilliant moments. There was no shortage of displays, although in this bull they were not as luminous as in the third. And always the imprint of a plethoric and resounding bullfighter. Without losing his personality.

Good air in the early afternoon, with correct presentation, plumpness also. Good bull despite being very weak in strength and passing through the picador in silence, like those that came out later. Obediently and firmly, he let Manzanares be comfortable, without excessive commitment as well. The entire task was carried on the right piton and an attempt to the left, where the bull no longer allowed him to settle. He even overcame a problem when Jandilla’s fell on him due to lack of government. The last round series on the right was more important, more connected. A thrust, contrary, low and meeting, was enough for the public, bright and generous this afternoon, to ask for a trophy. And they gave it to him.

The fourth could barely handle his soul, and Manzanares’ task was a will and a can’t. He went to the sand as soon as he forced him, and the thing happened without pain or glory.

Three standing lanterns was Talavante’s greeting to the second. Short bull and very fair in presence. The third of rods was the usual drill, but it gave Roca Rey time to use his turn of quits: a striking combination of chicuelinas and tafalleras. The bull arrived at the muleta with gasoline in reserve, and no matter how much Talavante provoked him, even from the front on his left hand, the thing did not start. The fifth was the meek of the day. He ran away from the horse when he felt the iron and on the crutch, surly, with a defensive pitch and looking for the scoreboard, he did not allow Talavante to settle. The task became a dull fight. And meaningless.

Ears for everyone in the morning

In the morning the traditional rejoneo celebration was held. With a good entry into the lines, Fermín Bohórquez bulls were played, with good play. Sergio Galán, ear and ovation; Lea Vicens, ear and ovation; Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza, ovation and ear.

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