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Roca Rey cuts off an ear on an afternoon without bulls | Culture

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Of the consignment of bulls that Victoriano del Río sent, none had the status of a first-class bullring and fair. And all six of them were from Cinqueños, some of them even very old. But they did not show bad intentions, they generally used sticks, although there were some, like the fourth, that was used in a second entry. Dull, lacking spark, walking on the crutch, they did not offer difficulties, but those inherent to their lack of caste.

The dark brown that opened the afternoon, plumpness, was a model of meekness in rods. Three times she got on the horse and three times she came out like hell. Roca was encouraged to make a kill for tafalleras, and Castella, the matador on duty, responded with another for chicuelinas. The French swordsman gave the death of this bull to Enrique Ponce, a spectator on this occasion, and the preamble to what came next was some doubloons with bullfighting, to take the bull out of the third. The first two series with the right pointed because the bull responded, but Victoriano had to change hands and resist, as he kept his eye on the tables. Back on the right hand side it was not the same. Castella’s work and some final effects, getting close to the bull, did not achieve what the French swordsman was after.

The fourth on the horse had a certain style, although more bravado than brave. She got into a lot with him Castella. Up close, consenting, but the somewhat surly bull was not up for the task. Meanwhile, among so much mashing, the band did not stop circling La Concha Flamenca, not even stopping to disarm the bullfighter. A lot of attitude in Castella, with commendable endurance, although the bull once ate his ground. Everything ended on the bullring side, where tame bulls usually die.

Second, an insignificant horn jumped out, protesting on its way out. He nullifies his presence in front, in the middle and behind. Without class, also, for the crutch. Roca was inconsequential with him, despite the inverted circulars at the end that tried to justify a task before the bull that never existed.

The fifth is more open-minded, but as lacking in substance as the rest. Eliminated without pain or glory in the first two thirds, Roca did not think about it and on his knees, on the right, he raised the curtain of the task. The first part was more about orthodoxy, while the final fireworks were a riot of boasts of all colors. The bull was classless, at the pace, but also very comfortable, he was almost like a toy in the hands of a Rock King who imposed his will and absolutely dominated the situation. Because of such long work, he received a warning before going in to kill and he was about to hear the third; The highest score was in bullfighting on the left hand, isolated, that too. But the job came to fruition.

Pablo Aguado’s first was also received with protests. Bull without rennet that, if anything, somewhat covered his deficiencies on the face. But also an unpresentable bull. Aguado treated him with softness of cape and muleta, with the distinction of his concept, but all that lacked the emotionality that the presence of a bull gives as it should be. Bullfighting in a round, elegant, but of little reach to the people due to the dying attack of the animal. Everything happened as if nothing had happened.

The sixth seemed to have more joy from the start, but it was a feint. He only went by with the first blows of the crutches, only to fall into inconsequential behavior. Few details about Aguado on that bull, nothing more. He even seemed to get bored soon.

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