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Review: Subterranean Street Society – Bleep (indie)

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End of call Society is a cult is to open our windows and scream at the top of our lungs, “I’m so crazy, I can’t take this anymore!” Despair and rage are based on prejudice and polarization in a world full of smartphones, half-truths or simply lies. They form a common thread because Beep it’s about people wanting to break free.

Dutch-Danish singer Louis Puggaard-Müller’s band used to make concept albums. There were songs based on the book Twelve stepswith Alcoholics Anonymous trying to overcome their addiction, and one about vulnerability after a love affair ends in sadness. Beep was born after Covid, fueled by the desire to perform live again. This is a band record with songs created from interaction and energy, but again based on Puggaard-Müller’s often poetic lyrics. The dynamics remained, as did the ability to combine depth with catchy songs, sometimes referencing heroes like Chris Cornell and Neil Young. Original album, already had God could not save the queen also only suitable for The Dandy Warhols record.

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