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Puerta del Príncipe to Perera with two large bulls from El Parralejo | Culture

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Miguel Ángel Perera has gone out for the first time in his career at Puerta del Príncipe the season in which he turns 20 as a bullfighter. A good celebration. And he has done so deservedly, certainly. He has drawn on maturity, freshness and knowledge and has starred in a full afternoon against two very different bulls with which he has been able to offer a lesson in power, first, and in good taste, later.

And it has not been easy for him to light the power lines in La Maestranza. Perera does not have a countenance that allows him to easily connect with the public; He is a not very expressive man, with a mixture of coldness and shyness on his face that forces him to make an extra effort to convince those present.

When they lifted him on their shoulders to do the lap of honor before heading towards the glorious gate that overlooks the Guadalquivir, it was the first time he smiled all afternoon, and he had every reason to do so, but everyone is as they are.

Before continuing, let’s note that El Parralejo has fought another great bullfight in this April bullfight that is making the performance of the figures very expensive. The first four bulls, of category, that fulfilled, as today’s bull can fulfill – almost always poorly placed – on the horses, galloped in banderillas and reached the final third with greed, mobility, promptness the first two, and temper and sweetness the other two; fifth and sixth dropped in level but with caste and mobility very different from what usually appears in the arenas.

The bull that opened the plaza made Perera sweat; He reached the muleta very alive, with vigor, integrity and a point of violence in the attack; repeater, tireless with a resounding transmission and his mouth closed until halfway through the task. It took a while for the bullfighter to catch his breath, the task was excessively long, but Perera showed off an overwhelming confidence and firmness against a very demanding bull, which he ended up subduing with a stoic sense of courage and overflowing knowledge. He was a bull with two ears and only walked one. In truth, he was a very rigorous bull.

Fourth, Odorous In name, he was the other side of the coin, with class in abundance, a sense of temper and sweet, long attack. Perera began the crutch task on his knees in the center of the ring for the music to play after two passes exchanged from behind, two right hands and, already upright, one from the chest, in which the animal demonstrated its many qualities.

Return to the ring for the bull ‘Oloroso’, from the El Parralejo ranch.Arjona Pagés

From there, a waste of class, of kindness, firmness and good sound, which the bullfighter took advantage of to complete a work based on long, very temperate, heartfelt and truthful muletazos. And since what was happening there was true, La Maestranza surrendered despite Perera’s ashen face. He killed with a book blow and the handkerchiefs came out so that the bullfighter could celebrate with more than a smile his 20 years as a bullfighter. The bull, this time, was awarded the well-deserved prize of returning to the ring.

Borja Jiménez appeared in Seville after the great triumph of the Autumn Fair in Madrid, and he was received with great affection. Of course the bullfighter came with all his might and said from the moment he opened his cape that he came to show that his work is not a flash in the pan. Very varied all afternoon in the first third, he stood on his knees in bullpens to receive the sixth, the most esborio of the bullfight, ready to cut off both ears and accompany Perera on his shoulders, but that bull only allowed him to record his commitment and good manners in isolated details. Better before the third, who surprised him before toasting the public and drew three huge naturals. And then he explained that he has a faith that moves mountains and full confidence in his possibilities. Courageous and firm at all times, he once again showed off for naturals full of depth and justly gave an ear.

Ureña was upset when he realized that Sevilla considered that his first job was not a prize. Another bull, that second of the afternoon, to test the most painted one. Another very long work, intermittent, irregular, with moments of great bullfighting and others of detachment. In short, the public did not feel satisfied and did not ask for their ear. Later, before the fifth, Ureña gave the image of an unfocused, angry, unmotivated bullfighter, and his insipid muleta blows found no echo.

El Parralejo/Perera, Ureña, Jiménez

Bulls of The Parralejo, correct in presentation, compliant in rods, fitted and greedy the first two; with class and temper third and fourth, which was turned around the ring; fifth and sixth, with a lower grade.

Miguel Angel Perera: lunge (ear); big lunge (two ears). She left on her shoulders through the Prince’s Gate.

Paco Urena: lunge (ovation); low lunge (silence).

Borja Jimenez: almost entire fall (ear); fallen and lying lunge (ovation)

La Maestranza Square. April 10th. Fourth subscription run of the April Fair. More than half an entry.

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