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Equipping Future Church Leaders: XL Ministries’ Internship Programs in Pastoral and Missions Training

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XL Ministries was founded in 1992 with a simple yet powerful vision: to develop internships that could be accomplished within the context of the local church. Since then, the organization has been committed to guiding churches towards training and equipping their own members to become leaders in their local church.

XL Ministries offers two internship programs: Pastoral and Missions. Both programs are geared towards developing leaders with the necessary skills to exegete and communicate the truth of God accurately and clearly. The internships incorporate theological training as well as practical training, because both are essential for a person to succeed in ministry.

The Pastoral internship is focused on the development of lead/associate pastoral ministry or youth pastoral ministry skills. The youth program also incorporates training topics that are specific to youth ministry. The Missions program includes training geared specifically for missions while also covering the same Bible knowledge and theological training as the Pastoral programs.

XL Ministries believes that the church is the best place to train men for pastoral ministry. Therefore, its internship programs are accomplished in like-minded churches, large or small. Hands-on training for ministry is most effective when supervised by an experienced pastor. In this way, interns can be exposed to the rigors, failures, and triumphs of ministry in an environment that is protective of both the interns and those with whom they work. To that end, XL Ministries works to equip and empower the local church to train its own leaders and elders.

XL Ministries’ internship programs are a combination of practical and theological training that incorporate a series of assignments over the course of two to three years. Interns study under the supervision of their local pastor and complete monthly assignments. Interns who are also in seminary can choose either a 30- or 36-month schedule.

XL Ministries’ goals are to elevate the standard of ministry, empower Christians to live a life of holiness, purity, and utter devotion to Christ, encourage working within the local church recognizing it as God’s instrument for reaching the world for Jesus Christ, and equip individuals with practical ministry training within the local church.

XL Ministries is committed to raising the standard of ministry by providing intentional training that is based on a discipleship relationship between the church leaders and the intern. XL Ministries believes that true pastoral and missions training is much more developed than a program designed for someone to improve their leadership skills. It is a combination of education and practical experience designed to equip individuals for the work of the ministry in the life of the church.

In conclusion, XL Ministries’ focus on equipping and empowering future church leaders is essential for the growth and development of the church. The organization’s commitment to providing intentional training and its belief in the importance of the local church as a training ground for future leaders is a testament to its dedication to the growth and development of the body of Christ.

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