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Premiering with Filmin: Good Boy

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Premiering with Filmin, Debates/Conferences

April 16, May 7 and June 11 | 7pm

Free admission

Every day 40 monthly subscriptions to Filmin will be given away to attendees

In the digital age, where access to cinema has become more personal and fragmented, the liturgy of cinema as a collective experience takes on a unique value. Kandale Films, in collaboration with the leading independent and quality film distribution platform, Filmin, is proud to present an initiative that seeks to rescue and revitalize this shared experience: a monthly cycle of screenings at the La Térmica cultural center.

Filmin, recognized for its commitment to the best independent cinema, joins forces with Kandale Films to bring the magic of the seventh art to a special room, turning the La Térmica cultural center into a cinematographic sanctuary.

Each month, the series will offer a first-run title selected from Filmin’s vast library, providing access to masterpieces that might otherwise go unnoticed. The careful choice of quality, independent films highlights the diversity of voices and perspectives that make up the contemporary film landscape.

April 16th


(You Who Are in Heaven) Dinamarca, 2022. Dir.: Tea Linderburg.
Dur.: 85 min. (vose). Topics: Family relationships. Maternity. Countryside life.

Religion, family, fantasy and tradition come together in this beautiful film set in Denmark in the 19th century. XIX that swept the San Sebastián Festival and puts us in the shoes of a young peasant woman whose life is about to change forever.End of the 19th century. One day, 14-year-old Lise’s life changes forever.

She is the oldest of her siblings, the first in her family to go to school and is full of hope and confidence in life. But when her mother goes into labor, she quickly seems like something is wrong. As night falls and labor progresses, Lise begins to understand that she could soon end up becoming the woman of the house.

May 7th


(Me, you & Frank) Norway, 2023. Dir.: Viljar Boe. Duration: 76 min. (vose) Themes: Intrigue. Psychological thriller.

Synopsis: It is the latest bizarre fad in today’s world, puppy play, or in other words, behaving like a dog, and now it has its own movie. «Good Boy is a wild, Hanekian thriller
about an eccentric millionaire and his peculiar “pet.” The Norwegian film ‘Good Boy’, only 79 minutes long, written and directed by Viljar Bøe, explores through the emotions of the protagonist the idea of ​​a human animalized and domesticated by a man with whom he has a bond of master-owner Christian, a millionaire heir, meets Sigrid, a young student, through a dating app. They hit it off quickly, but there’s just one problem: Christian tells her about her dog and that “dog” appears to be Frank, a man who constantly disguises himself and acts like a dog.


Austria, 2022. Dir.: Ulrich Seidl. Duration: 98 min. (vose) Topics: Sexual abuse. Pedophilia. Psychological drama. NR over 18 years old.

The aesthete, cynical and ironic style of the multi-award-winning director Ulrich Seidl gives way here to his portrait
of a more human character. However, the provocative Austrian filmmaker is not exempt from controversy, as he signs, with “Sparta”, a bleak, crude and disturbing portrait of pedophilia, which he presented in the Official Selection of the San Sebastian Festival. Second part of the diptych started with “Rimini”. Ewald once moved to Romania. Years later and now in his 40s, he is looking to start over. He leaves his girlfriend and moves indoors. With the help of local youth, he transforms a dilapidated school into a fortress. Children enjoy a new and carefree existence. But the flame of distrust will not take long to arise among the inhabitants. And Ewald will have no choice but to face a truth that he has kept hidden for a long time.

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