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Pilot helps woman give birth to son during flight: “We nicknamed him Sky”

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Something unexpected can always happen during a flight. But the pregnant woman was probably not what pilot Jakarin Sararnrakskul had expected. Thanks to his cool-headed reaction, everything ended well.

Bro: New York Post, Sky News

Pilot Jakarin Sararnrakskul was on his way from Taiwan to Thailand on the plane of the Vietnamese airline Vietjet at the end of February. Suddenly, one of the cabin crew walked into the cockpit and announced an emergency. A pregnant passenger gave birth in one of the toilets.

“I’m so proud to help bring him into the world”

Jakarin Sararnrakskul


Jakarin did not hesitate and left control of the plane to his co-pilot. He rushed to the toilet. And even though the plane was miles up in the air, he assisted the woman during the birth. Considering the circumstances, it went well: the woman gave birth to a boy. The new mother and her baby are doing well and arrived safely in Bangkok where an ambulance was waiting for them.

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Jakarin published the story on his Instagram page. “Just helped a newborn onto the plane,” she captioned a photo of herself holding the newborn. The pilot, a father of one himself, revealed that the crew had nicknamed the boy ‘Sky’. “He can tell everyone for the rest of his life that he was born in heaven,” she said Viral Press. “I’m so proud to help bring him into the world.”


In his eighteen years as a pilot, Jakarin had never experienced anything like this. That’s why it rarely happens. According to a study published in International Society of Travel Medicine Between 1929 and 2018, 74 children were born on commercial flights, three of which did not survive.

Pregnant women who fly shortly before their due date are at risk of contractions due to the reduced air pressure on the plane. That’s why many airlines refuse pregnant women. During a single pregnancy, flying is usually possible up to 36 weeks or 32 weeks on an intercontinental flight.

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