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Photography from scratch. With Fer Gómez

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April 20, 2024

  • First shift: From 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Second shift: From 4:00 pm to 8:30 pm

16 years old and up

Photography from scratch” is a workshop aimed at people who want to get started in the art of photography. Aimed at photography lovers who until now only photographed automatically and who want to understand and control light manually, with easy and dynamic learning. It is also aimed at profiles that already have a base and want to refresh concepts.

The workshop lasts four and a half hours. A first part theoretical with an approximate duration of an hour and a half, in which a brief historical review of photography will be made in order to understand its evolution and the different parts of a camera, its mechanisms, control of parameters and its adjustments.

A second part practice with continuous supervision of the teacher, where students will learn to measure light with the camera photometer and the exposure meter, as well as to adapt the ISO, diaphragm, and shutter parameters in different lighting situations and to control the focal length and focus.

All this, with different exercise proposals to put into practice everything learned. The practices will take place at the La Térmica campus. The presentation that will be used in class will be sent via email to each student once the training is completed. In addition, material will be provided to take notes.

To participate in the workshop, those interested must bring a digital camera that allows them to photograph in manual mode (M). Camera battery with 100% charge and its charger in case it is needed, as well as an empty memory card or with enough space to carry out the practice.

Fer Gómez (Málaga, 1986) combines his work as a professional photographer specialized in architecture with teaching, a field in which he has extensive experience teaching photography in master’s degrees, courses and workshops with different entities and centers, mainly at the Apertura photography school.


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