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Performance: Take Flight – La Térmica

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June 29 | 8.30pm

Sala 105

Free entry until complete seats

The Palomar by Jana Pacheco

“We envy the fate of the bird and lend wings to what we love, because we know by instinct that, in the sphere of happiness, our bodies will enjoy the ability to traverse space like a bird through the air” Alphonse Toussenel

FLY is accompanying, is caring, is approaching the dream that generates bonds. To fly is to discover oneself, to rise, to evoke the pleasant sensation of movement. Flight is an ascending path that connects us with strength, with the challenge to the gods, with the bird that migrates and looks from above at how small the world is. To fly is to transform, to begin a journey, to go through the endeavor. In this piece we generate a participatory device where the public and the artists interact to create an immersive experience around flight as horizon and struggle, as metaphor and aesthetic experience. We place ourselves at the moment where the bird spreads its wings, at the moment where the take-off, the rise, the renewal begins.

Alicia Conde Fernández, Antonio Molina, Daniel Moldovan, Irene Díez Cruz, Rosa Tejera writes, Josefina Menéndez Alberquilla, Alicia San Segundo Maganto, Lu Carrasco, Sol Ranieri, Emy Mena, Viña Winiarczyk are actresses, circus performers, dancers, playwrights, stage creators and members of Dovecote, artists collective who develop their personal stage project around visual dramaturgy, dance, circus, installation and performance, accompanied by the playwright, performer and stage director Jana Pacheco.

Jana Pacheco, develops collaborative projects and collective and individual performances. In his career we can highlight premieres such as Run baby run (Spanish Theater of Madrid) The tomb of María Zambrano (National Dramatic Center) If you were on an Island… (Havana Art Biennial) Blinks (Reina Sofia Art Museum) I wish therefore I am (Thyssen Museum of Malaga), From voice to voice (Imagine Madrid-Intermediae, Matadero Madrid).

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