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Inflation could be impacting how much people spend on Black Friday

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TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Black Friday. It’s not Christmas yet, but almost.

While in years past many stores would be open on Thanksgiving night, stores like Best Buy and Walmart were closed this year.

Jonathan Cook is going to be shopping in person at stores on Black Friday and is looking for security cameras. However, he said it’s been a rough few months for him because his job hasn’t been as consistent.

He said even though times have been rough, he’s willing to spend up to a thousand dollars.

“It’ll be actually fun and exciting to just go shopping,” Jonathan Cook said.

Shopper Damitre Cobb is in need of a few TVs and is also keeping his eye out for the new XBOX. He said he’d be willing to spend about $500.

However, he said inflation has been impacting his spending habits and he’s being more conscientious of the money he is spending this Black Friday.

“I can’t keep a dollar in my pocket. It’s a problem,” Cobb said.

With many stores closed on Thanksgiving and more stores like Kohl’s moving to Black Friday deals lasting for days, some are also turning to online shopping because they say there are more deals online.

Gracie Marchesi is planning on spending a few hundred dollars on a new video game.

“It’s a lot more kind of convenient than the chaos of Black Friday shopping,” Marchesi said.

She said inflation has affected her spending habits, especially because she’s a college student at the University of Arizona.

“Especially with the gas prices and food prices also, since those have increased, I’ve really had to lay back on some like self-care needs.”

However, some people already expected prices to go up.

Austin Menaul is willing to spend $500 on Black Friday deals. He said he prefers Cyber Monday deals because the products he buys are conveniently brought to his door.

“Every couple years you’re going to have to expect to spend a little more. It just keeps going up, so you have to prepare for it, but Black Friday is a huge help,” Menaul said.


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