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Getting swept should get many people fired now

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The Chicago White Sox lost their first two games of this series to the Cleveland Guardians. As a result, they are now 6.0 games out of first place with a very slim chance of making it t the postseason. This has been a very bad season when you look back at the expectations going in.

The Guardians are going to be the American League Central Division champions with a significantly smaller payroll (130 million dollars less) because they are built the right way. They are also extremely well managed which is something that the White Sox can’t say.

Now, the White Sox will try to avoid being swept after dropping the first two to the Guardians. They came into the series in need of a sweep to be back into the division race but instead, they are in danger of being swept themselves.

Johnny Cueto is going to be on the mound in this one for the White Sox. He has been brilliant this season and is someone that the team can trust whenever he is on the mound. However, it is too little too late. Even Cueto might not be able to save them now.

On the other side, Shane Bieber is going to be on the mound for the Guardians. He is the ace of their staff and he is one of the best pitchers in the world. He won’t win the American League Cy Young for the second time in his career but his name will appear on the ballot in the top five.

People should be fired if the Chicago White Sox are swept by Cleveland.

This is a game that would really end all chances for the White Sox if they lost. They are 99 percent done anyway but if they become 7.0 games out of first, they are really done. It is going to be hard to get the win but getting swept would be really difficult for the organization.

Regardless of how hard it is, multiple people should be fired on the spot if they are swept in this series that they needed to sweep. Rick Hahn, Tony La Russa, Miguel Cairo, Kenny Williams, and all of the coaches amongst others should be evaluated anyway but getting swept is a firable offense.

All of the players aren’t void of blame either. There are plenty of players that need to be looked at as potential departures after this horrid season. It is easier to fire coaches, managers, and GMs than it is players but everything needs to be on the table. Hopefully, they can salvage at least one win.

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