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Peñaranda, on his shoulders, and Navalón, two bullfighters to take into account | Culture

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The lazy and luxurious bull that opened the plaza and fair was bullfighted by Peñaranda, a bullfighter of good character and a good concept, with solvency. It wasn’t a brilliant job, nor did he pluck warm olés on this cold afternoon, but everything he did had argument and logic. Well placed and always in the middle distance, a round series with the right and loose naturals were the best. The final ballet flats, without the help of the rapier, was what raised people’s spirits the most. The opposite thrust, with quick effects, was enough. The ear granted, a courtesy from the box.

The room seemed to have more air in the final third. His first attacks, without being a paragon of class, did at least have some distance. The wind was somewhat bothersome and Peñaranda once again put on a task with great ease. Of notable superiority against a cattle that, little by little, was losing gas, until drowning in the final starts. Task of blows, of loose muletazos. Imprint of a fully-fledged bullfighter, who seems prepared for larger companies. And again courtesy of the box to open the big door.

At the second in the afternoon Navalón bullfighted with natural sufficiency, plenty of arguments, resources and ideas. But Chamaco’s bull was not there to be an ally. Loose muletazos, without connection but with good drawing, in a task with ups and downs. A change from behind and a couple of circulars gave him greater contact with people. With the bull being tame and distracted, that work ended in bullpen fields and with a scare when he was hooked by the shoulder pad without major problems. The sword left the matter in a stalemate.

Navalón revealed all his power in the good fifth. The beginning of the work was an announcement that the thing was promising: three statues and the pass of contempt, without moving the shoes. Firm in the sand. From there, courage, good manners and a dry and serene courage. The steer turned out to be the best of the shipment, and although he was tame in the rods, he had good sound and nobility in the muleta. Navalón taught a whole collection of knowing how to be and be. As enraged as in cold blood, he scored the task equally by both pitons. The final fireworks were a bunch of combined muletazos: bernadinas, an imaginative ruin and the signature of the windlass with the bull coiled around the waist. They asked for both ears, and with the history of the box it would not have been outrageous to give them to them. They forced him to walk around the ring twice and the president received a monumental reprimand.

Without being a bull with complicated solutions, the third was for Alberto Donaire a test in his debut with picadors in the capital. With few technical resources but notable self-esteem, he gained courage as the fight went on. By trying hard, with some persistence at close range, he was still able to get a couple of very tight natural ones. The task itself was of contrasting will, but also like a very uneven dance. With the steer throwing its face up and braking hard with its front legs, it was not exactly ideal for such a new sword.

Coming and going, without class or danger, he was the one who closed the place. And again Donaire was willing, overcoming some trouble, sometimes surprised and always brave. He has a way to go.

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