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New on Netflix: Is ‘The Hijacking of Flight 601’ for me?

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The miniseries The Hijacking of Flight 601, based on the real-life hijacking, will be released on 10 April.

The miniseries will be released on the 10th. April The hijacking of Flight 601 out. So here are five things you should know before watching the series.

Is the story true?

The story is based on a real hijacking in 1973, one of the longest hijackings in Latin American history. Two armed men pose as revolutionaries and hijack the plane. They demanded the release of political prisoners and a substantial ransom. Since the authorities do not want to negotiate, the plane is flown all over Latin America, and the hostages threaten to kill one hostage per hour. As a result, flight attendants and pilots are forced to negotiate between the hostage takers and local authorities to secure themselves and the rest of the crew.

What about the cast and crew of the series?
The series was created by experienced directors Camilo Prince and Pablo González, both of whom are known for the series Theft of the century. Monica Lopera, known for her role in the film Borgiaplays one of the flight attendants, while Christian Tappan, who previously appeared in the film as Kiko Narcos, takes on the role of pilot. Angela Cano, who is known Wild areasame met Enrique Carriazo, Marcela Benjumea in Johan Rivera Zumaqué, maken de cast van de serie af.

What can I expect from the series?
It promises an exciting experience where the viewer does not know what can happen at any moment. While you might expect a happy ending with fictional series, this story makes no guarantees. No one is safe and everyone is at risk.

Is the series for me?
Of course, the series is perfect for you if you like series based on true stories. If you also like an exciting series that always keeps you on the edge of your seat, then you should definitely consider this series. Also for movie lovers Snow Society it is definitely recommended. There are many similar elements because of the Spanish language, the genre, the location and of course the airplane.

What about a true story?
Without revealing too much, the real story happened on May 30, 1973. The flight, SAM Colombia HK1274, was diverted from Cali to Bogota with a stopover in Pereira. At half past four in the afternoon, 20 minutes after departure from Pereira, the hijackers start and divert the flight to Medellin. And what happened then will of course remain a secret, but you can see it in the series.

The series will be available worldwide on Netflix from April 10, 2024.

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