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Netflix is ​​suing for defamation in a series about Russian fraudsters

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Former friend of Russian con artist Anna Sorokin has won the right to file a lawsuit against Netflix for defamation of the miniseries Anna’s invention. It really is a series with Julia Garner (Ozark) in the lead.

Netflix had previously sued for defamation and slander, but the streaming service’s legal team believed they would get away with it. However, the judge decided otherwise.

Libel and slander about Netflix?

Netflix claimed that writer Shonda Rhimes and other creators Anna’s invention the series has a “literary license” to offer its interpretation of events. In rejecting that argument, Chief Justice Colm F. Connolly ruled that at least some of the show’s characterizations could cross the line into defamation.

Netflix sued Anna Sorokin for inventing
Katie Lowes as Rachel DeLoache Williams and Julia Garner as Anna Sorokin (Photo: Netflix)

The plaintiff, Rachel DeLoache Williams, was pictured leaving Sorokin in Morocco and eventually betraying him to authorities. Williams claims that sixteen different statements in the series falsely portray him as “snobbish”, “ethical” and “greedy”.

Who is Anna Sorokin from Inventing Anna?

Netflix series Anna’s invention based on an article from Cuttingtitled ‘How Anna Delvey Fooled the New York Party People‘. Using the fictitious name Delvey, he pretended to be a wealthy German heiress. A clever trickster assured club circle from New York and then managed to steal them in a sophisticated manner.

Julia Garner is a great actress, everyone agrees Ozark has seen. However, he is one of the few bright spots in the Netflix series Anna’s invention. Read why the show got a bad score on Rotten Tomatoes.

A documentary about house arrest

He emphasized last year that Anna Sorokin is smart enough to make a profit on a Netflix series. He shamelessly invented a documentary about his house arrest Delvey’s Dinner Clubwhere he invites the stars to dinner.

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