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Netflix is ​​considering a return to the landmark sci-fi thriller

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Society ended unexpectedly abruptly five years ago. Netflix is ​​negotiating with the creators about a possible return of the series.

Netflix releases a huge number of movies and series. It is a celebration for the makers, directors, actors and of course the audience. Unfortunately, it’s not a foregone conclusion that the Netflix series will immediately get a second season. Not even if it ends on a cliffhanger.

The series can be broken for several reasons. Money problems, little interest, problems with actors. But with a well-received sci-fi thriller Society everything was a little different, says the creator of the series. That’s why it’s time for a comeback, fans and creators think.

this is true Society is about

Society Netflix has a fun retelling of a classic of English literature: Lord of the Flies. You know, that book where a group of school kids get stranded on a desert island and start some kind of cult hierarchy. Society is not located on an island, but in an abandoned village.

A group of school kids from Connecticut go on a camping trip. But as a violent storm approaches, they have to cut short their journey and return home. But when they arrive in their hometown, all the adults seem to have disappeared. Long live fun, they first think. But soon things take a dark turn.

Netflix is ​​considering a return to the sci-fi thriller that ended on a cliffhanger
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Society was canceled due to Covid-19

The Netflix series was well received. In addition, the series ended with a strange plot twist. A second production season was planned, but then Korona broke out. “This wasn’t just a series cancellation,” series creator Christopher Keyser told Variety. It’s now been five years since the series aired, and Keyser thinks it’s extremely unfair that the show has been on hold since then.

According to Keyser, he regularly receives responses from fans asking: is the show ever coming back? As for Keyser, yes. Only Netflix can reopen the money spigot. The creators and team of The Society have not stood still during these five years. He wanted to do the fans a favor by releasing a graphic novel that would work as a finale Society. Unfortunately, the publishing house where the booklet was to be printed went bankrupt.

Netflix reopens the money spigot Society?

Keyser says he’s had many “intense conversations” with important people at Netflix recently. So there is a chance for that Society is making a comeback on Netflix after more than five years. It’s interesting for Netflix that there’s still enthusiasm for it after all this time Society Is. For the streaming service, this would mean that viewership numbers can be guaranteed.

Still, Keyser isn’t entirely convinced. “I’m not sure if it will ever work, but the fact that fans still want to see a sequel and want answers to certain questions doesn’t bother me,” concludes the creator. Now it’s Netflix’s turn to refinance the series and finally give fans a sequel.

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