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More and more men are wearing engagement rings. The market will figure it out.

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Tobias Kormind, CEO of London-based online diamond store 77 Diamonds, says that the demand for men’s engagement rings was close to zero about seven years ago. Today, he estimates they account for as many as one in 30 orders from men looking for diamond or gemstone rings. “It’s still not a core product,” he says, “but it definitely seems to be growing.”

Jewelry experts say gay men were the first customers looking for engagement rings for men. “Gay couples have really been trying to define their own engagements and weddings and find ways to express their commitment to each other,” says Joshua Sherman, director of marketing for lab-grown diamonds, Grown Brilliance.

However, the trend has exploded. Some high-profile celebrities, such as Ed Sheeran, Ryan Reynolds, Brooklyn Beckham and Michael Bublé, have continued to mark their engagement with the ring and sometimes wear it as a wedding band after marriage.

Alongside the booming market for inclusive and gender-neutral fashion, more and more men are embracing jewelery in general. At Eternate, men’s jewelry accounted for 7.2% of total sales in 2021, Telaferli says. Today, the figure is closer to 15 percent. At Grown Brilliance, Sherman says their men’s sales have doubled compared to their women’s line.

Some people are also questioning the traditional symbolism of the engagement ring as social attitudes evolve. Eddie LeVian, CEO of New York-based jeweler Le Vian Corp, describes a man’s engagement ring as a reflection of the changing dynamics of relationships and love. She wears her own engagement ring. “As a husband who proudly wears his diamond engagement ring, which my wife Miranda gave me 38 years ago, I have seen firsthand the growing acceptance of this practice.”

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