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MIXTURE / Tie + Duel

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Room 005, Theater/Concerts

June 14, 2024 | 20.00 hours

The donation to access will be €5. The proceeds will go to Cudeca

Link to tickets:

Sala 005

MIXTURA is a series of concerts and talks curated by the Malaga label DISPAR for La Térmica in collaboration with Málaga de Festival (MaF). In each meeting, local and visiting artists explore common territories around music and words. MIXTURA takes place once a month in Room 005 of La Térmica, a multidisciplinary room converted into a stage space thanks to its acoustics and ideal dimensions to provoke close encounters between the public and artists. Meeting point, performances and debates – chamber music for the 21st century.

The June meeting of the MIXTURA cycle offers a joint concert by the Sevillians Duäl and the Malaga band Cravat, along with live visuals from PRRMB! aka Alexis Cruzado. The latter come from releasing the single “Only You” together with the American singer Vania, as well as from making regular collaborations with other references of the local experimental scene such as Teslaradio or Bromo. Processed guitars, drums, electronics and synthesizers in an A/V concert with a spirit between shoegaze, post-rock and some progressive to celebrate the arrival of summer.

At the end of the meeting, a talk will take place between both artists together with the producer, and head of the DISPAR label, Alejandro Lévar.


With an immediately recognizable sound, Cravat was born in Malaga in 2018 from the union of musicians with very diverse backgrounds: Christian Cuberos (vocals and guitar), Carlos Contreras (synthesizers) and Cristóbal Galeote (synthesizers). The result is equally diverse and eclectic, songs bathed in pop sensibility that delve equally into electronic, IDM or even post-rock. For this occasion they will be accompanied by the projections of PRRMB!, alias of the visual artist Alexis Cruzado.


With a guitar and drums lineup, DUÄL was born in 2018 from the meeting between guitarist Miguelo Delgado and Pepe Benítez (Maga, Niño de Elche, José Cicuta), who in addition to the drums contributes programming and electronics. As reflected in their EP “Calor Digital”, the band explores new forms of musical experimentation based on the languages ​​of jazz, electronica, funk soul or even hiphop, to find their own sound full of vitality and expression.

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