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MIXTURE / Alicia Tamariz and Nico Roig (with Lucia Fumero)

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Room 005, Theater/Concerts

January 19, 2024 | 20.00 hours

The donation to access will be €5. The proceeds will go to Cudeca

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Sala 005

The next MIXTURA meeting will take place in Room 005 of La Térmica on Friday, January 19, 2024, with concerts by Alicia Tamariz and Nico Roig, who will be accompanied by Lucia Fumero. Contemporary song, jazz and folklore to a Mediterranean rhythm with its heart set on Latin America. They will be accompanied live by Liquid Sky’s analogue visuals and a talk, at the end of the concerts, with the founder of the DISPAR label, Alejandro Lévar.

MIXTURA is a series of concerts and talks curated by the Malaga label DISPAR for La Térmica in collaboration with Málaga de Festival (MaF). In each meeting, local and visiting artists explore common territories around music and words. MIXTURA takes place once a month in Room 005 of La Térmica, a multidisciplinary room converted into a stage space thanks to its acoustics and ideal dimensions to provoke close encounters between the public and artists. Meeting point, performances and debates – chamber music for the 21st century.


Alicia Tamariz expresses herself through metaphors, poetry, and symbols. She loves to look into the depths, and enjoy pleasures. In 2021 she releases her first album, “Aletheia”, in jazz sextet format – a work of transformation, nakedness and healing, of unlocking fears and finding the beauty of what is true. Afterwards, they continued to weave songs. Some instrumental, others spoken. Singing, what a great gift. The Piano, the best lover. The Guitar, the best companion. And, if you have wondered, yes, her father is Juan Tamariz.

NICO ROIG (with Lucia Fumero)

Nico Roig likes to define himself as a “singer-songwriter of psychological protest.” His new album, “This cold is worth nothing” (Foehn Records, 2023), is a free exploration of different traditional music from around the world, a set of bright and happy songs, the result of meeting great artists from the folkloric scene or jazz like Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Rita Payés, Lucia Fumero, or Juan Rodríguez Berbín.


Liquid Sky Analogic is a collective from Malaga formed by visual artists Jorge Luque, Javier López and Nuria Luque. For more than a decade in operation, they have maintained a clear commitment to adapting “liquid light shows” to modern times, using analog projection formats in real time, slide projectors, overhead projectors, as well as incorporating the use of cameras to generate different visual spaces through optical-light experimentation, which induce the viewer to an almost hypnotic state.

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