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Madison Beer @ Ancienne Belgique (AB): Follow the white rabbit

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© CPU – Senne Houben

Pop stars come and go, but Madison Beer is here to stay. Ever since she was discovered ten years ago by a certain Justin Bieber, she has continued her steady rise up the pop music hierarchy. She hasn’t reached the highest level yet, but with over 35 million Instagram followers, she’s one of the most followed stars on the planet. He revived his music career early last year with his second album Quiet between songs with which he consciously revealed his softer side. He also preferred that softer side at the sold-out Ancienne Belgique, but his hits also featured prominently in the setlist.

There was still a long line outside when Jillian Rossi fired her first song notes to the early birds. At half past eight, the room was already quite full and warmed up, as you could see from the relaxed atmosphere in the air. The atmosphere pleased a completely enthusiastic Ross, who yesterday was assisted by a guitarist who was there more for the performance than for the added musical value. Either way, he got the crowd clapping with his mediocre pop songs that seemed to come from the Zac Efron era. High school musical was hip and trendy. It wasn’t too good from the start, and although we expressed ourselves with some restraint, it didn’t really improve. The buzz increased halfway through his performance and with his latest single “Tourist” he completely missed it again. Mild and colorless.

© CPU – Senne Houben

Could Jann top this yet? I bet so. In the not-too-distant past, he tried to represent his country in the Eurovision Song Contest, but in the end the Pole didn’t make the choice. In AB, he tried his best to get twelve points, but in the end he had to settle for a small fraction. At first, the sound was a disaster from start to finish, and not a single song came into its own. The vocals in particular were very weakly tuned, but maybe the sound engineer just wanted to spare us the rather unclean sounds coming from the back of the larynx. From that we immediately get to the second level, because the song was really bad. The performance she put on with all kinds of dance moves only made it worse and more awkward. Jann was without a doubt one of the weakest performances we’ve had to endure at AB in a long time.

© CPU – Senne Houben

In fact, Madison Beer only had to step up to do better than her two supports, but she made us wait fifteen minutes first. The countdown clock built up anticipation in the audience and when his shadow appeared on stage, it exploded for the first time. “Home To Another One” was nearly impossible to hear as the music was simply drowned out by the hysterical chanting of the fans. “Good In Goodbye” also received the same dose of euphoria, so we only heard Madison Beer sing for the first time on “Showed Me (How I Fell In Love With You)”. With a good dose of sensuality, she seduced the audience in no time and had everyone eating out of her hands.

Optically, Madison Beer had done quite a job for his team. The production was built around the second stage, a large LED wall and lots of lights to offer something for the eyes. In any case, it looked quite impressive and made sure that the less exciting parts were spiced up. “I Wonder” was very subtly staged, while his hit “Dear Society” made it a fun party. A little later, Madison wanted to shower Beer with confetti (one of her favorite moments on the show), but she said AB wouldn’t allow it. To remedy this a bit, yesterday he played for the first time “Nothing Matters Out You”, a song from his latest album which obviously meant a lot to his Belgian fans. They call it a nice result with the public.

© CPU – Senne Houben

Musically, his two musicians, whom he introduced as his band, kept themselves somewhat in the background. Most of the songs were included on tape, although that didn’t spoil the fun. The duo did their best to make the sound a little fuller, so that Beer’s voice stood out a little more, like during “Envy the Leaves”. “Tyler Durden” made it clear that things could and should be a little quieter sometimes. Accompanied by only two acoustic guitars, he provided emo during the performance. “Homesick” and the loudly received “Selfish” continued the quiet line, which meant that the momentum was a bit lost from the show. For “At Your Worst”, he took up the acoustic guitar himself, but was only able to make a lasting impression during “Ryder”. Dedicated to his younger brother, he evoked old memories from their childhood with pictures in the background.

Towards the end, I felt that there was a bit of a hurry with the approaching corner and it went maybe a little faster than it should have. In any case, they couldn’t simply remove the slight delay from the get-go, especially with a show like this where almost everything is timed. His hit “Reckless” took the crowd with ease and it felt like we were heading towards the climax. “Make You Mine” and “BOYSHIT” (including a cool transition) did what they were supposed to do, and to end the usual set he put on the bunny hat for the fitting “Follow The White Rabbit”. The peak had been reached and he was hard to top with the obligatory encore of ‘Spinnin’ and ‘King of Everything’. In the latter, he provided maximum relief, and it apparently pleased the fans just before going home.

© CPU – Senne Houben

Either way, Madison Beer didn’t deliver a perfect pop show. Everything was a little too easy and predictable for that. The American learned from his mistakes on previous tours and also had more budget space to make a decent production. He took the show to a higher level at times, but couldn’t disguise the fact that there were quite a few similar songs at times. Either way, we saw and heard a good-natured star who is undeniably willing and able to make progress. As far as we could tell from the faces, AB thought last night was a success and of course that is still the most important thing.

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Set list:

Home for Another
Goodbye Goodbye
Showed Me (How I Fell In Love With You)
Sweet relief
I wonder
Nothing matters except you
Silence between songs
Dear Society
They envied the leaves
Tyler Durden
At your worst
Make you mine
Follow the white rabbit

King of everything

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