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LUX 2024. Digital art experiences

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From February 28 to March 10, 2024

Free entry until complete seats

Lux forms an exhibition program of digital art that began last April 2023 on the occasion of the celebration of the ten years of La Térmica, Center for Contemporary Culture of Málaga.

It is a current experience that redefines the relationship between technology and art, fusing both disciplines to give life to new forms of expression, using the historic and iconic La Térmica building as a space.

Throughout this exhibition, attendees have the opportunity to immerse themselves in installations that challenge the conventional limits of art, making possible a sensory journey of the expression of art in its most contemporary format. LUX’s lighting creations not only illuminate space, but also explore the intersection between light, sound and movement. In this first exhibition experience we will have three digital art installations: Hypersun by Irene Molina and Fran Toré from the PULSA collective, Ilúmies by Juanjo Fernández from Gnomalab Estudio and Ciclic by Ferran Belmon


HYPERSUN is a multidisciplinary installation conceived as an immersive space specifically designed for one of the rooms at La Térmica. The environment is immersed in a sunset thanks to devices that will project 3D animations, exploring the current notion of the sun.

After research focused on the sun, significant opportunities are recognized in the space-time context of Malaga in 2024. This star, which has been an object of veneration in various cultures throughout history, is addressed through new media influenced by contemporary thought, transforming it conceptually.


The work “ILÚMIES” is an artistic installation created by Gnomalab Estudio, the result of its interest and exploration in the field of laser light in recent years. The installation combines optical and audiovisual elements that interact with the exhibition space, immersing the viewer in a dreamlike and illusory atmosphere.

What is distinctive about ILÚMIES is its adaptation to the exhibition environment, turning it into a unique and exclusive work that is shaped according to the place where it is exhibited. The installation seeks to explore perception and questions how objects and spaces can be transformed through interaction with various elements and techniques, fusing technology and art.


CICLIC explores how the interaction of simple frequencies can give rise to complex behaviors and their ability to transform the space around them. This installation proposes to reimagine the concept of CICLIC as a light sculpture, distinctively emphasizing how simple waves modulate our perception of the environment, altering both the tangible and the intangible.

During the creation process, specific software creates generative audiovisual content. The use of this system adds significant value by providing a versatile platform to explore various sound and visual patterns. The sequence and movement of these two elements generate different effects, colors and geometric patterns. Chaos and harmony are reflected in the space with aesthetic perception and symbolic potential.

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