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LAB contemporary fusion. With Valentine Rochat

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Every Thursday, from April 4 to June 27, 2024 | From 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

From 18 years

€ Prior registration required

We offer two quarterly contemporary fusion dance workshops, adapted for open and intermediate levels. Inspired by techniques such as Laban, Acogny, Silvestre and urban dances, we fuse movements from different styles to create a unique experience.

The first workshop focuses on choreography, exploring sequences with music that combine movements from various techniques. In the second workshop, we focus on the investigation of movement, allowing students to develop their own body language from its naturalness to choreographic structures.

Choreographic Axis (OPEN LEVEL):

  • Warming up to prepare the body.
  • Teaching contemporary and urban dance techniques.
  • Creation and practice of choreographic sequences with music.
  • Exercises to improve memory, coordination and artistic expression.

Movement Research Axis (INTERMEDIATE LEVEL):

  • Exploration of individual physical possibilities.
  • Learning and use of choreographic tools
  • Incorporation of elements of contemporary dance and Acogny, Silvestre and Laban techniques.
  • Development of one’s own dance vocabulary from one’s own body and with themes such as nature, architecture or identity to inspire choreographic creation.

Class Structure:

  • Warm-up to prepare the body and mind.
  • Teaching contemporary and urban dance techniques.
  • Exercises to explore and expand movement possibilities.
  • Creation and practice of choreographic sequences (Workshop 1) / Body expression and development of dance vocabulary (Workshop 2).
  • Stretches to recover the body.


  • Improvement of technique and body control.
  • Artistic expression and creativity.
  • Development of memory and coordination.
  • Greater awareness of the body and space.
  • I encourage self-expression.

Join us to explore and celebrate the diversity of movements and cultures in an inclusive and nurturing environment!

Valentine Rochat She is a dancer and choreographer of Swiss origin living in Malaga. She has trained in London, Australia, Canada, Brazil and Senegal where she met choreographers such as Rosangela Silvestre and Germaine Acogny, who transmitted their techniques and philosophy of movement, the body and music.

She has taught dance in social projects of the European Union and development in Central America, as well as in schools in Switzerland and the Spanish Red Cross.

She has also worked as a choreographer and dancer in the play “Tabou” (JDS Event), in Bollywood films and different music videos; She is the choreographer and co-director of “The King and the Music” (Mojiganga SI, Jardines de La Térmica, 2020) and, more recently, she has choreographed “Código Oedipus” (Angélica Gómez, Teatro Echegaray, 2022).


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