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La Maestranza opens the season this Sunday with the return of Morante | Culture

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With the new summer time and if the weather does not prevent it (the weather forecast predicts a new rainy day), this Easter Sunday the bullfighting season in Seville officially opens, and with it the April Fair of 2024. At six and half in the afternoon, as is traditional, the bugles will sound and the team door will open so that Morante de la Puebla, Sebastián Castella and Roca Rey will appear in the arena, who will fight bulls from the Hermanos García Jiménez ranch.

With all certainty, the lines of La Maestranza, with or without sun, will appear full of spectators (the ‘no tickets’ sign will be hung at the ticket offices), eager to check the emotional state of Morante de la Puebla, who He was discharged on the 17th due to health problems from which it seems he has happily recovered. Along with the Sevillian bullfighter will be the Frenchman Sebastián Castella and the Peruvian Roca Rey, two bullfighters who came out on shoulders last year through the Puerta del Príncipe.

After this celebration, the bulls will return the following Sunday, April 7, the date on which Lama de Góngora, Ruiz Muñoz and Calerito will face a bullfight by Fermín Bohórquez and will look for a victory that will allow them to get out of their current situation, lacking in contracts. And on Tuesday, the 9th, the continuous cycle of bullfights will begin until Sunday the 21st, in which the Miura bulls will put the finishing touch to the April Fair of 2024. In total, 14 bullfights and a bullfighting show.

Before the doors of the Sevillian plaza open, at twelve in the morning this Sunday the proclamation of the bullfighting fair, which reaches its 40th edition, is announced and will be held at the Maestranza theater, located a few meters from the ring. Sevillian. Invited by the Royal Maestranza de Caballería of Seville, owner of the plaza, the French anthropologist François Zumbiehl will take the stage to sing the April Fair, and will be presented by the writer and bullfighting critic Andrés Amorós.

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