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“I hope the diva is not an extinct species yet”

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Journalist and society observer Ella Vermeulen comments on the world of Hollywood and its surroundings. This time: stars, divas on the red carpet.

Inner diva

Sometimes I fear that star attraction has died a silent death. Celebrities these days have become so boring, #grateful, so careful, it’s boring. But sometimes someone comes out who nurtures their inner diva. I laughed at the singer too Silence who came to the MET Gala in a Balmain three types of sand, like you. She could barely walk in it, let alone climb the stairs, so she had to be carried up the stairs, which somewhat detracted from her grand entrance. Backstage, her creation was cut into a mini dress.

Ihana tunne, ja pillua pillua Kim Kardashian Meanwhile, he was panting spectacularly because he had hoped to get a splash of wasp on his waist, making it impossible to defecate and breathe oxygen. Of all places, crossing a young doll at a label that Kim has put back on the map in recent years was, of course, too bitter for words and the frustration dripped from it.


Cannes also offered hope that the diva is not yet an extinct species. Vocalist Kelly Rowland competed with the security guard on the red carpet. Reason: Kelly wanted to celebrate her photo shoot in a big way, the security lady told her to go ahead because more people had to enter. Then Rowland with a piercing finger “Don’t talk to me like that!” clicked and captured a completely different moment. A wonderful culture shock: the Gallic indifference of the French guard, who was completely unimpressed by the bravado of the brand new blonde, who actually swept in under protest.

I think we need moments like this. Today, everything is controlled, curated and filtered, nothing is left to chance. However, celebrities don’t have the protection of their own bubble on the red carpet, they have to perform there. And sharing attention, even if they are not good. Not to mention they love being asked to walk around a bit. Brutality. “Don’t you know who I am?!” Delicious.


My hopes are closed Ben Affleck in Jennifer Lopez, who enjoy annoying each other in front of a hundred and fifty Photographers. Wedding ring on, wedding ring off, Ben edgy, Jennifer hissing him instructions, then reluctantly leaving the court, but still blowing a kiss, because after all, every photo moment is one.

That’s why I’m happy about it Mariah Carey is busy Mimi’s party, a show dedicated entirely to his self-proclaimed genius. Mariah also does not do stairs in a wide skirt (she has been wearing it for years), she only drinks Cristal champagne “through a flexible straw” and nothing in her field of vision can be checked. I have no idea how the grid could negatively affect Her Mariahness, but I can’t get enough of it. Fortunately, they still exist, the attraction of the stars.

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