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Hollywood film directors clear the path to the Oscar for Christopher Nolan by awarding him for ‘Oppenheimer’ | Culture

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While the Spanish-speaking world looked towards Valladolid to see how The Snow Society swept the Goya awards with 12 awards, the international awards season continued its course. In Los Angeles, California, the directors union of the United States celebrated its big night, awarding the best directors of the year in films, series and television programs and even advertisements. As expected and after four nominations over 23 years, on the fifth Christopher Nolan won director of the year thanks to Oppenheimer. Going on stage to collect it, the Londoner insisted on the importance of the award, presented by his fellow directors, and how much it meant to him to be honored by his peers. The path to the Oscar, with 13 nominations, seems increasingly clear.

Since the Golden Globes, held on January 7, and until next March 10 when the Oscars take place at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, practically every week the producers, directors, screenwriters, actors… hand out their awards . Those from the directors’ union (DGA) are key because, to begin with, they themselves are extremely excited to be recognized by their 19,500 union and professional colleagues. And to continue because they strongly mark the path of what can happen at the Oscars with two of the most powerful awards, that of direction and that of best film. In this 76th edition, Christopher Nolan fought in the main category, for Oppenheimer; Martin Scorsese, director The Moon Killers; Yorgos Lanthimos, por poor creatures; Alexander Payne by Those who stay; and Greta Gerwig for Barbie; These last two – to Gerwig’s special surprise – are not in the nomination for best director at the Oscars, in which Jonathan Glazer has entered for The area of ​​interest and Justine Triet, for Anatomy of a fall.

In addition to Nolan, there were a dozen winners. The award for best new director went to Celine Song for Past Lives, who assured that this was only “a promise to continue and continue directing films.” David Nutter, winner of three Emmys and director of 24 pilot episodes and episodes of series such as Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, X-Files, The Entourage, Smallville o The Pacific, was recognized for his entire career. At 64 years old and with more than 35 years of work, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s while filming the eighth season of Game of Thrones, six years ago, and then he didn’t want to tell anyone. “Since my diagnosis, I am a better director, I have more sensitivity, more compassion and more empathy with my people,” he stated on stage, surrounded by loud applause. The award for best documentary went to Mystyslav Chernov for 20 days in Mariupol: “Today they bombed my city, seven people died, three of them children. It is a sad day, but at the same moment the power of cinema is recognized, being here, looking at you. When these children run away from the bombs and lock themselves in their basements, they watch movies. It helps us all deal with sometimes unbearable worlds, and gives us hope to stop everything bad and gives us a better future.”

Greta Gerwig and Ryan Gosling, director and actor of ‘Barbie’, at the Directors Guild Awards, February 10, 2024.MARIO ANZUONI (REUTERS)

The DGA awards also have certain characteristics, such as that the five directors nominated for the best film are always recognized with a medal, so they make a speech on stage and greet the press closely afterwards, unlike other awards. much larger like the Golden Globes where it is more difficult to see them. Additionally, the actors from each nominated film accompany their directors to the gala and make a very personal and often affectionate speech to introduce each of them. Ryan Gosling, the Ken of Barbie, was the first to come out on stage to present Greta Gerwig and reveal that this award was “the one that makes the most sense for her, who for a long time did not even think she had the right to be a director,” and recalled some of her achievements. feature film, as it is “the 11th highest-grossing film in US history, the 14th in the world, the first in Warner’s 100 years and the only woman to make more than $1 billion,” to Gerwig’s tears. . Mark Ruffalo and Emma Stone were lighter, first they joked with each other and then they praised the work of Yorgos Lanthimos in poor creatures and his ability to reflect “how complex it is to be human” while still messing with it. “I came prepared, like every day,” he responded on stage to his jokes.

Yorgos Lanthimos, Emma Stone and Mark Ruffalo upon arrival at the 76th Directors Guild of America Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on February 10, 2024.MARIO ANZUONI (REUTERS)

Former DGA President, Director Taylor Hackford, introduced “a man of class and a great director”, Alexander Payne, who was celebrating his birthday. “And there is no other place in the world he would want to be,” Payne said. For his part, Cillian Murphy praised that Nolan’s had been a very complex work with “military strategy, life, love and pain” and how difficult it was to connect “with a three-hour drama of a father and a nuclear world”: “ What a privilege to know this man, to call him a friend and to be led by him.” Actor Jonah Hill joked about Scorsese: “When the best filmmaker in the world asks you to present an award, you say: How much is it?”

Furthermore, they praise each other. Gerwig, for example, remembered exactly when 23 years ago he saw Memento, by Nolan, in a theater in Sacramento (the capital of California, his hometown). Lanthimos talked about how she was only seven years old when it was released Wild bull and he couldn’t believe he was in the same room as Scorsese: “Being in front of you, being twice as big as you – just physically, I lack a lot artistically – makes me see that dreams come true.” Payne stated: “I love your movies and you. Think of those billions of people who have lived before us, poor souls, who did not have a cinema, who never saw a movie. But how difficult it is to make movies, movies that people like, find someone to distribute them… we are lucky humans. “We have the best job in the world.” Scorsese also acknowledged how much his colleagues inspire him: “Being here with you is very exciting,” and he thanked everyone for recognizing him.

“Tonight’s awards are about celebrating something we all love: telling stories,” explained DGA President Lesli Linka Glatter in her welcome speech. “Even on the worst days of filming, when you’re on the edge, with things you can’t control, when the soup is frozen, everything reminds you of the same thing: that we love telling stories. I am very excited to be with you. For 75 years we have had this event to recognize you,” she stated. The president declared that “everyone is happy to make series and movies,” especially in a time of “hostility, anger and resentment.” “I am happy for the opportunity to support my colleagues and celebrate excellence,” she said, thanking all levels of the industry and also congratulating the screenwriters and actors for overcoming their strikes. He also highlighted that the directors union had been the “first union in all industries to protect itself from artificial intelligence” and stated that there will be many more wars to fight: “We will not be satisfied until the industry is fair and sustainable.” . The gala was presented by Judd Apatow. But what the comedian said will not be known, or not everything. He himself demands that his comic opening monologue of the gala not be broadcast publicly or seen in the press room and remain dark for the press and the world. Too much acidity for the political correctness of these hectic times.

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