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Fans and schoolchildren ‘occupy’ the La Maestranza arena | Culture

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Numerous fans and schoolchildren, which the organization estimates at more than 6,000 between both groups, have participated in the Open Days and in a Bullfighting Workshop for students from different educational centers in Seville that the Pagés company has held this week in the plaza. of La Maestranza to familiarize children and adults with the tools of bullfighting and create a hobby.

More than 5,000 people, the company says, attended a two-hour day this Friday to have direct contact with the square and the basic principles of the bullfight.

To do this, they had capes, swords and crutches, carts, banderillas and chopping horses, and the advice of the right-handed Juan Ortega and 12 instructors of the course for practical amateurs directed by the bullfighter Eduardo Dávila Miura.

On the other hand, on Thursday the ninth edition of the Bullfighting Workshop for schoolchildren and university students was held in which several hundred children and young people received basic notions of the thirds of bullfighting. The attendees, aged between 12 and 20 years, experienced an approach to the world of bullfighting accompanied by professional instructors who taught them the different types of bullfighting.

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