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During his working visit, Minister De Jonge will experience Central Brabant’s commitment to broad welfare

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TILBURG / WAALWIJK – On March 11, outgoing minister Hugo de Jonge visited Tilburg and Waalwijk. He did this thanks to the regional agreement “Entrepreneurship, innovation and experimentation with people at the center”. A four-year cooperation between the government and the companies, governments and education and expertise institutions of the Central Brabant region.

The Regional Deal has eight people-oriented innovation projects, the goal of which is to promote widespread well-being in the region and in our country. The government, the province and the province together invest around 37 million euros. Center Brabant coordinates the regional agreement. The minister visited MindLabs in Tilburg Spoorzone and the area where Waalwijk is developing the Smart Port electrical port.

Spoorzone Tilburg

In MindLabs, located in the heart of Spoorzone, educational and competence institutions of all levels (secondary vocational education, higher vocational education, university) work together with companies, governments and social organizations to find solutions to social issues. They do this through research and applications of technology and artificial intelligence (AI) and incorporating this into our society. In the recently opened MindLabs building, Minister De Jonge was informed about how interactive digital people (‘virtual people’) are being developed here, so that they can be seriously involved in education, healthcare and media, among other things.

The minister also received an explanation of the Startups for Society Regional Deal project, which Midpoint Brabant, Tilburg University, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Avans University of Applied Sciences and the municipality of Tilburg have established to support start-up companies in Central Brabant. strive for social progress. Many of these start-ups use new technology to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, healthy and inclusive society. Spoorzone also offers affordable jobs for this.

The smart port of Waalwijk

After that, the minister visited Smart Port Waalwijk, which aims to be the first electrically operated inland water port in Europe with a completely emission-free inland water transport logistics chain that includes the terminal and pre- and post-transports. The “emission-free” inland port will be integrated into the “Smart Grid”. The necessary energy is produced, stored and used locally for shipping, transhipment and handling of goods on land. Waalwijk councilor Frank Spierings is committed to Smart Port Waalwijk: “This is a fantastic project for Waalwijk and the region. An all-electric port will add so much to the wider well-being of our residents.

Extensive welfare projects

Regional Deal also focuses on making logistics chains more sustainable, reporting on the sustainable development of SMEs and the Van Gogh Homeland public event organized every two years. Visitors are involved in the great social challenges of our time in an attractive way. In the Neighborhood Approach project, Midpoint Brabant, Tilburg University, Fontys, Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital and the municipalities of Tilburg and Waalwijk are working to increase the social security, health, safety and labor force participation of residents in vulnerable areas.

Bas van der Pol, chairman of the steering group of the Region Deal program: “With this regional agreement, entrepreneurs, education, social institutions and governments invest together in the sustainable economy of the future. Innovations in digitization, circulating material flows and the labor market are of great importance for the future of health care, education, the manufacturing economy, logistics and leisure. The key is the broad well-being of all our residents.”

Bas Kapitein, director of Midpoint Brabant, adds: “In addition to supporting existing SMEs, with this regional agreement we are helping companies transition to the new economy. A recent study by RaboResearch shows that Central Brabant is the national leader here. With the Regional Deal projects, we are explicitly committed to economic and social development.

Saskia Boelema, deputy member (Brede Welvaart) from the province of North Brabant: “The region of Central Brabant positively contributes to broad prosperity with the projects of this regional agreement. But that is not the only thing. Sustainable development, health, digitalization, economy, competence and competence development are also important themes in this store. The projects are in line with our provincial political goals and their realization. The region works energetically with the people in the middle.

Central and Central Brabant cooperation

In Regio Deals, the government and the region cooperate to improve the quality of life, living and working for residents and entrepreneurs. Especially in places where there could be additional power. Midpoint Brabant has prepared and established this regional agreement in cooperation with several entrepreneurs, educational and information institutions, governments and social organizations. The Ministry of the Interior has allocated 12.5 million euros to this regional trade. Different parties have increased this amount to more than 37 million euros.

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