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Director Steven de Jong: “Films that make you feel something deserve an Oscar nomination”

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The 96th Academy Awards will take place on Sunday evening. Are the world’s most famous film awards still relevant, given the declining viewership and many events? We asked Nordic filmmakers Thomas Nauwi, Steven de Jong and Nathan Lauer. And which movie deserves an Oscar, do they think? Really “Oppenheimer”?

Movie Oppenheimer director Christopher Nolan’s favorite has thirteen Oscar nominations. Other major competitors are Poor things (eleven candidates) and Flower Moon Killers (out of ten candidates).

Director Thomas Nauw ( Fraud without limits ) Emmen thinks it’s right Oppenheimer has the most candidates. When we look at the list of candidates, we immediately hear: ” Oppenheimer anyway.” Nauw is on vacation in New York but wants to make time to talk about the film.

“Totally Sucked”

He’s especially happy about the nomination of Dutch cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema (who took top honors Sunday night in Los Angeles at the American Society of Cinematographers Awards for his camerawork Oppenheimer ). “The method of description Oppenheimer is very nice, you get completely absorbed.” Nauw is a fan of Christopher Nolan and hopes that after eight nominations he will be successful this year. He mentions the long running time, but does not see this as a problem. “The film has this character building you really get to know the characters.”

Therefore, it is not surprising that Cillian Murphy deserves the best actor award according to Nauwi. “It’s a very different role than he’s played before, but I don’t know who should have played the character differently.” Emma Stone ( Poor things ) is Nauw’s favorite for Best Actress.

If it doesn’t work out for Nolan, Nauw is keeping his fingers crossed Barbie Directed by Greta Gerwig . He was impressed with the ending of the film. “I’ve got a lump in my throat, then you hear Billie Eilish sing: amazing .” Nauw is happy about the Oscars. “I think it’s important that there is room for talent, especially with the rise of artificial intelligence and Digital Doubles. Soon you will be able to request the likes of the movie Oppenheimer but with Steve Carell Office and Cartman’s van South park . Then no one will think about what to do anymore.”

“DiCaprio dares to be ugly”

Directed by Steven de Jong ( The hell of ’63 ) from Hartwerd is not entirely positive about it Oppenheimer. “I have a lot of respect for Christopher Nolan. The story is very interesting but the movie does too much so I didn’t feel enough for the characters. The Frisians did not have this Flower Moon Killers . He hopes the film will win an Oscar. “The film stays close to the characters. Sympathy for Leonardo DiCaprio and he dares to be ugly. I like that actors dare to show ugliness.”

De Jong misses actor DiCaprio in the nomination, as well as Anthony Hopkins and the film One life where he plays. But he chooses Bradley Cooper Maestro. “He plays fantastically, and I have a lot of respect for someone who writes, directs, produces and also takes the lead role.” He agrees with his colleague Nauw about actress Emma Stone: “She can do something.”

According to De Jong, who is currently writing and financing a film about Eise Eisinga, the Oscar gala reflects well what is happening in society. Although this sometimes comes at the expense of good movies and shows. “What you experience in the film is the most important, films that make you feel something deserve a nomination.” However, De Jong does not want to say that he has mixed feelings about the film awards. “I’m always very curious, that’s Oscar.”

The sound brings an additional story to the film

Nathan Lauer (who lives in Groningen) Who Killed Kenya ) gunt holocaust movie Zone of interest Oscar. According to him, the film’s sound and director also deserve a win. “Jonathan Glazer worked on the film for ten years and it does not disappoint. He gives a new perspective to a familiar subject by focusing on its banality. The sound adds a whole story to the film.”

Lauer has a hard time making choices, and also talks about the “impressive absurdity” Poor things and “masterfully refined” Past lives .

Lauer agrees with Nauwi about the best actor. “In Oppenheimer transforms Cillian Murphy into her character and completely adapts her behavior and speech.” Although she also loves Emma Stone, Lily Gladstone is her favorite among the best actresses. She calls her role the best of the year.” Flower Moon Killers told from the perspective of the perpetrators, but Gladstone perfectly represents the victims. He convinces in big and small moments.”

May December only received a Best Original Screenplay nomination. According to Lauer, the film deserves more. He especially misses the nomination of Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman.

Lauer understands that the Oscars are controversial. He criticizes the fact that marketing campaigns are sometimes more important than the quality of the film. However, he is satisfied with the list of candidates. “There is a good balance between small artistic films and professionally made accessible films.”

Watch the Oscars live and the nominees

The Oscars at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood will begin on Sunday, March 10 at midnight on the Filmbox channel. Filmbox is included in Ziggo (on channel 100) and Kabelnoord (on channel 25).

If you want to quickly watch the nominated films in the cinema, you can go to Forum Groningen, where eight of the ten Best Picture nominations are shown. Vue Hoogeveen and Hoogezand present eight and six candidates. Pathé Groningen and Leeuwarden have a marathon of four films on Sunday 10 March. The Lawei in Drachten will show four Oscar films on Saturday and Sunday

In addition, some of the Oscar nominees also have regular film screenings and some can be streamed at home on various services.

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