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Decaffeinated and disappointing mixed celebration | Culture

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The formula of a rejoneador, a matador and a bullfighter worked quite well at the box office, three quarters of the way in, but not so much in the ring. And everything seemed ready for the afternoon to be triumphant, by hook or by force. But it was neither a bullfight, nor a bullfight, nor a bullfight. A disparate mix. And from that mix the rejoneador, Pablo Hermoso, and the bullfighter, Nek Romero, came out better, although we cannot speak of a resounding victory for either of them. The celebration was sweetened with chosen irons for what was presumed to be a party, but the cattle fought did not break in favor of the current either.

Pablo Hermoso said goodbye to Valencia in front of two bulls in good condition: noble, obedient, which he took with great enthusiasm to the exit and in which, above all, his mastery in riding stood out. To his first, classy bull, he squeezed it in the first thirds. Mounted in Berlin and Ilusión he raised the tone in banderillas, although it was not always on the first try. The bull was very worn out, very demanding, it cost him a lot in the end when he played short banderillas. Work from more to less.

With the room that he also took full advantage of, the task was more compact. He played with striking inside breaks, almost always in what is usually called two tracks. Tireless the bull, he was the perfect collaborator. The success when it came to dunking was also key. He repeated with Berlin, and brought out Nómada with the punishment rejones, Malbec and Generoso, in banderillas. He hit the target with the death penalty and was rewarded.

The other ear of the afternoon went to Nek Romero. They prepared the matter for the Valencian with great care, perhaps too much. Two steers from Talavante, terciados but of different game. First of all, Astifino, with whom he already showed off with the cape, has a very good air. When leaving a couple of flags, the subaltern José Manuel Más was run over, and he went to the infirmary with injuries that will require a subsequent radiological examination to determine the extent of them. This bull was surrendered to Nek Romero, who found the place sufficient and warm. Of the clusters of muletazos, two series with the left had the greatest feeling. Ceremonial at the exits of each of them, he filled the stage with bullfighting. The final one-handed doubloons were a notable signature.´´

The sixth was a more lackluster steer. He let him be versatile with the cape, but in the muleta the man from Talavante did not finish finishing. He went deep inside and the finishing of each pass was not very clean. A more difficult task, with irregular composure; also without finding solutions. The kneeling ballet flats that finished off that task in the search for the exit on shoulders warmed a stretch that cooled down as the steer took a while to fold.

Neat, neat, also with his careful distinction, Morante walked with his first. He shone more in handling with the cape, in the receiving casts, and in a slow motion takeaway. Then, in the crutch, Juan Pedro Domecq’s did not object, although he lacked the caste point for Morante’s personal composition to truly reach the people. Everything very clean, but also lacking in emotion. The Sevillian did not like the red that came out in his second turn. He let them hit him hard and reached the final third standing still and not wanting to attack. Morante did not hide, he shortened and removed the dying bull amidst the protests of the people.

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