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Culture promotes a new festival in Huesca after the cancellation of Periferias on the initiative of Vox | Culture

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The Ministry of Culture announced this Friday morning the creation of the Extrarradios Festival in Huesca, organized by the town councils of Almudévar and Ayerbe. The programme, which includes multidisciplinary activities, will take place from October 25 to 27 in Almudévar and from October 31 to November 3 in Ayerbe. The initiative arises as a response to the cancellation, last December, of the Periferias festival, after 23 editions, due to pressure from the Vox party in the Aragonese city and as a condition for delivering the necessary votes for the approval of the budgets of the province, governed by the Popular Party.

“The Minister of Culture committed, from day one, to dealing with cases of censorship in culture, case by case, and to act when necessary. With the promotion of Extrarradios, we defend cultural rights and open new spaces for critical thinking,” declared the Secretary of State for Culture, Jordi Martí, at the presentation event in Huesca. The portfolio will contribute 50,000 euros to the festival’s budget, 28,000 more than what it allocated to Periferias.

Extrarradios will seek to recover the essence of the extinct event: contemporary culture, avant-garde, experimentation and transversality of arts. The theme of this first edition will be censorship in the field of culture, a phenomenon that will be addressed from different creative disciplines: literature, plastic arts, music and cinema. The new proposal will last seven days, compared to the 10 days that made up Periferias, which brought together 10,000 people.

Periferias coexisted with PSOE town councils and, for four years, with one from the PP. The current Popular Party mayor, Lorena Orduna, was at the opening of the 2023 edition and showed her support for the exhibition, but changed her position in response to the demands of Vox, which has three councillors in Huesca, the votes necessary to carry out the legislation of the PP, which has 12. “In its day it was pioneering and avant-garde, but it faded away and that is the reality that all of us from Huesca know. Culture has no colour; the PP cares, and it has not subtracted a single euro from its budget, but Periferias raised doubts and perhaps it is necessary to bet on other programmes in line with today’s society,” Orduna stressed in October on Radio Huesca-Cadena SER on Monday.

José Luis Rubio, Vox councilor, made his position clear when asked about the event in mid-2023: “Vox Huesca does not have red lines, but it does have green lines. One of them is the Periferias festival, which only serves to shower progressive culturetas with hundreds of thousands of euros. “Whoever wants to govern with us must put an end to this waste.”

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