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Sorry, progs — The Post is no outlier in reporting the horrors your crime reforms have caused

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Progressives in Albany pretend the truth on crime is hard to determine; their denial would be laughable if it didn’t empower so much needless suffering.

“I keep reading in some newspapers,” huffed Assemblyman Jeff Dinowitz (D-Bronx) at a hearing Monday “that rearrests are skyrocketing,” though data presented by Division of Criminal Justice Services boss Rossana Rosado show “the exact opposite.”

He plainly meant this newspaper — except that we’ve mainly reported that crime is skyrocketing. And we’ve repeatedly explained why Rosado’s data don’t remotely prove that the 2019 criminal-justice reforms aren’t fueling recidivism.

But the “don’t believe The Post” line sure worked inside the hearing room. “Reliable data doesn’t sell tabloids, does it?” snarked Assemblyman Charles Lavine (D-Nassau).

As the saying goes: lies, damn lies — and the mutterings of Albany progressives.

For starters, other DCJS numbers are damning: They show that people freed on cashless bail got rearrested 39.6% of the time while their case was pending; those with prior convictions or a pending case were nabbed 44.6% of the time.

Each year since the 2019 bail reform, 30,000 to 40,000 defendants got hauled in for some offense committed while walking around free, awaiting trial, thanks to these reforms.

And there’s gobs more info. NYPD data show that 327 shoplifters accounted for about 30% of the retail crimes in 2022, 46% of whom had prior felony convictions; a full quarter of those nabbed for burglary were caught again within just 60 days.

Last year saw 1,200 individuals arrested for burglary commit another felony within 60 days; in 2017, the number was 312. That’s a 285% spike.

Even soft-on-crime Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg acknowledges the 2019 “reforms” drove his case dismissals (arrests he couldn’t prosecute) from 48% to 74% for misdemeanors and from 21% to 35% for felonies. And George Soros-funded Albany DA David Soares has been detailing the disastrous impact of the changes since before they even took effect.

Heck, the Rev. Al Sharpton has demanded fixes, particularly to ensure recidivists are kept behind bars. He flagged one obvious result of the “reforms” last year: Stores are “locking up my toothpaste” to prevent theft. Not to mention all the ones that have closed, cut hours or hired private security — all since the 2019 changes.

Ask the criminals themselves: On Tuesday, a pair of armed robbers shook down 13 people in three separate boroughs in just two hours. “In 24 hours I’ll be out,” bragged one suspect as he was nabbed.

Dinowitz, Lavine & Co. can keep on smirking into the wind, but a few cherry-picked stats don’t change the reality, or undo they suffering they’ve caused and continue to inflict.

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