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Man charged with attempted murder accused of another crime while out on bond

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DETROIT (WXYZ) — A man who was out on bond for attempted murder at a Detroit gas station allegedly committed another crime over the weekend, according to police.

Torrion Hudson, the man accused of shooting a young woman at a Detroit gas station, is now walking free with a GPS tether following another emergency bond hearing held on Friday morning.

Hudson was able to post bail on Jan. 13 after his bond was reduced from $1 million to $250,000. He was initially released without a tether.

Keta Moore says getting the news has her at a breaking point. Hudson is accused of choking, robbing and shooting Moore’s daughter Kyla in the neck.

While he was out on bond, one of Moore’s worst fears came true: Hudson was accused of hurting someone else.

“My daughter almost died. And just to find out this woman, the condition she is in, this could have been avoided. I am upset,” Moore said.

Moore’s daughter was shot on Dec. 21. Just 24 hours before, police say he tried shooting another woman and grazed her. Moore has gotten close with that victim’s aunt.

“I was getting off work. The police had called me and said that he had jumped on her and he shot the house with other witnesses in there three to give times,” Patrice Young said.

According to Young, her niece was pregnant with Hudson’s baby at the time.

Young says her niece didn’t want to press charges.

“She’s scared — that’s just it, she’s scared,” Young said.

The feeling of terror is something Kyla Moore knows all too well. She’s had four lung surgeries since being shot.

Because of her condition, she did not want to show her face on camera.

“I am always mad and then I am having flashbacks on top of that. Then, letting him out made it worse,” Kyla Moore said.

Hudson’s originally bond of $1 million was slashed by Judge Larry Williams Jr. to $250,000.

“Imagine if I did not fight, if I did not press, what would have happened,” Keta Moore said.

A week later, he was back in court and while his bond did not change, Judge Patricia Jefferson did order him to wear a GPS tracker. Her decision stemmed from a fleeing and eluding charge in Macomb County.

Detroit Police Department Chief James White says he never should have gotten out in the first place.

“I don’t know what the disconnect is. I mean, we all have responsibilities as law enforcement specialists, including judges, to make sure our streets are safe. Officers are doing their job — they are working hard. We are locking these people that are victimizing our community and there is a responsibility that comes with that,” White said.

Hudson found himself back in police custody over the weekend for an attack on his child’s mother — a third victim in a separate incident.

This evening, 7 Action News reached out to both judges who presided over Hudson’s hearings. We are waiting to hear back.

“This is three people we now know that he assaulted,” White said.

Moore says she can’t fathom why a judge would ever lower his bond.

“I knew what he was capable of. He’s shown, he’s shown who he is,” Keta Moore said. “He shot my daughter like she was a wild animal, like he was hunting pray… for no reason.”

According to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office, another emergency bond hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

In a statement, they said:

“He (Hudson) will have an emergency motion to revoke the defendant’s bond tomorrow at 8:30 AM before Judge Patricia Jefferson in 36th District Court. It is alleged that he has violated his bond resulting from an arrest for domestic violence involving the mother of his child and her mother.”

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