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‘Copenhagen Cowboy’ Trailer: Nicolas Winding Refn Netflix Crime Series

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Nicolas Winding Refn is bringing his signature stylized violence to Netflix. The “Drive” director’s upcoming miniseries “Copenhagen Cowboy” is set to release January 5. In addition, a trailer for the series dropped on Wednesday, and you can watch it below.

The six-episode series stars Angela Bundalovic as Miu, an enigmatic young woman who has devoted her life to serving a shadowy criminal organization. Returning to her hometown of Copenhagen, Miu goes on a surreal, supernatural odyssey through the seedy underbelly of the city, in an attempt to track down and defeat her archenemy Rakel (Lola Corfixen). Based on the trailer, Miu’s journey carries all the hallmarks of Winding Refn’s filmmaking, with neon lighting, a synthwave soundtrack, and tons of bloodshed.

“I don’t know who you are, or know what you’re capable of, but people around you die,” a character narrates about Miu in the trailer. “Either that, or they get new life from you.”

The series marks something of a homecoming for Winding Refn. The director made his directorial debut in 1996 with the film “Pusher,” a Copenhagen crime drama that launched the career of Mads Mikkelsen. After two sequels in 2004 and 2005, Winding Refn began making films outside of his home country, such as the British and Scottish films “Bronson” and “Valhalla Rising.” In 2011, he made his first American film “Drive” starring Ryan Gosling, which was critically acclaimed and became his best known film. Other films from Winding Refn include 2013’s “Only God Forgives,” also starring Gosling, and 2016’s “The Neon Demon” with Elle Fanning.

“Copenhagen Cowboy” first premiered at the Venice Film Festival this September. At the premiere, Winding Refn referred to the series as his take on a superhero show, calling it a “poetic neo-noir.” The director previously made his TV debut with 2019’s “Too Old to Die Young,” an Amazon Prime Video streaming series with Miles Teller.

Zlatko Buric, Andreas Lykke Jørgensen, Jason Hendil-Forssell, LiIi Zhang, and Dragana Milutinovic star in the series alongside Bundalovic and Corfixen. Winding Refn created and directed “Copenhagen Cowboy,” while Sara Isabella Jönsson, Johanne Algren, and Mona Masri write the series. Magnus Nordenhof Jønck serves as the cinematographer. The show is produced by Lene Børglum and Christina Bostofte Erritzøe, with Liv Corfixen and Matthew Newman executive proudcing.

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