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Business-led initiative fighting crime with surveillance cameras around Baton Rouge

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The Baton Rouge Area Chamber and the Baton Rouge Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Foundation today unveiled the Page/Rice Camera Initiative, a business-led crime-prevention strategy.  

The initiative, named in honor of recent crime victims 3-year old Devin Page Jr. and LSU student Allison Rice, entails partnering with Project NOLA and E-South Technologies to install high-tech crime cameras on a business or surrounding property in high-crime areas. 

The cameras, installed by Project NOLA, are linked to local real-time crime centers to be easily viewed by the sheriff and police departments and made accessible to the business and law enforcement after an incident occurs. 

“Addressing crime will take a multi-faceted approach from many individuals and organizations, and we are hopeful the Page/Rice Camera Initiative can be the first phase of continued business investment in addressing crime in our communities, says Adam Knapp, BRAC president and CEO, in a prepared statement. 

A business can opt-in to purchase a camera for its property, or it can donate funds for other businesses in high-crime areas to be gifted with the technology. The Baton Rouge Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice Foundation is accepting requests to be considered to receive a camera at no cost through its grant program and collecting donations for additional community cameras online here.    

The camera program by Project NOLA is the only national real-time crime camera program that monitors and analyzes crime camera video, according to BRAC’s announcement.  Additionally, the camera’s are high-definition, and cost less than similar surveillance systems.   

Both Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul and Parish Sheriff Sid Gautreaux back the project.  

The installation cost for a camera through the initiative is $2,600, with proceeds going to fund additional cameras in high-crime areas. The cost to host a crime camera varies depending on the geographical location and historical crime trends. After the initial installation, average operating costs are estimated to be around $500 annually and camera recipients must provide electricity and internet connection. Get more information about the program here. 

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