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Creative workshop on botanical printing on silk

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May 16, 2024 | from 4:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

From 18 years

€ Prior registration required

In this creative workshop you will learn different needle and magic needle embroidery techniques, as well as composition with different stitches and the notion of colors to create a small contemporary work on a fabric totebag.

Magic needle embroidery is also known as Punch Needle and allows us to do relief embroidery, also called Russian embroidery. It is a simple, quick and fun technique to perform that allows us to create attractive embroidery on practically any fabric.

This workshop is for artists, designers or textile enthusiasts who want to learn how to mix these two techniques and achieve a creative work with different threads and thicknesses.

If you have prior knowledge of embroidery with this needle you will learn to give a special touch to the creations as we will delve deeper into the three-dimensionality that can be given to the threads and create different textures. Although it is not necessary to know how to embroider to do this workshop.

The Magic Embroidery Workshop lasts 3 hours in which you will learn its use, the basic stitch and its variations, the best tricks for projects and the finishes possible with this technique.

Marie-Isabelle Poirier-Troyano (Antequera, 1970), he studied applied arts at l’École Boulle (1988) and, later, at les Gobelins, Paris, (1993). In parallel to her practice as an artist, she trained as an interior and textile designer and worked with the Alberto Pinto Agency on the restoration of the famous Hôtel Lambert in Paris. She also created designs for Pierre Frey, Elitis and Manuel Cánovas in 2016, publishers of fabrics for furniture and decorative arts.

Currently residing in Genalguacil, displaying for the first time at the “Crisálida” Museum of Contemporary Art and individually all the aesthetic power of his work in an exhibition that brings together some of his initial works with his most recent production. The textile, understood in its widest formal diversity, is the medium through which the creator experiments with total freedom and follows her instinct wherever she guides her.


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