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CONNECT supports European representatives’ urgent letter on quantum technology

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On Wednesday, March 20, CONNECT will organize an annual ICT conference, the theme of which is quantum technology. WestCord WTC Hotel Leeuwarden welcomes more than 1,000 visitors, more than half of whom are students. Speakers Deborah Nas (TU Delft) and Martin Vos (Eurofiber) support the importance of quantum technology and the need to prepare for the opportunities and threats of quantum computing. CONNECT therefore supports the urgent letter of 20 members of the European Parliament to the European Commission.

Professor Deborah Nas (TU Delft): attention to ethical, legal and social aspects of quantum technology

Deborah Nas is a leading expert on the social impact of Quantum technology. He founded the Center for Quantum & Society for QuantumDelta NL, a center of knowledge and expertise in the field of ethical, legal and social implications of Quantum technologies. In addition, Deborah is a part-time professor of “Strategic Design for Technology-Based Innovation” at Delft University of Technology and holds various managerial positions in startups.

According to Nas, it is important that society prepares in time for the arrival of quantum technology. – This also applies to our education. Quantum technology offers enormous opportunities for IT students. The Netherlands is a pioneer in quantum technology research, but a lot of capacity and knowledge is still needed to apply it. Now quantum is only taught in physics studies. Soon we will also see it in computer science and information technology courses.” According to Nas, companies also have to get started. “Each IT department should appoint a few Quantum Champions to participate in pilots and experiments. For example, Quantum Key Distribution is already being tested in the port of Rotterdam. Very important if you want to guarantee the security of our critical infrastructure in the long term.”

Nas himself is the founder of the Quantum & Society Center, a place where people think about the ethical, legal and social aspects of Quantum technology. “It’s just around the corner. And while we don’t know everything yet, it’s important to prepare for the changes it will bring. You have to start it early.”

Martin Vos (Eurofiber): Fiber optics is crucial in secure quantum technology

Quantum verification of important data is important. Quantum technology can make data more secure. But that same technology could eventually break all the keys and ciphers we currently use to protect our data. Martin: “It’s a huge risk. If you want badly, you can steal and store data now to decrypt it later when quantum technology is available. That is why it is important to look at information security in the long term. Is it quantum proof? That’s why we need to be aware of the importance of information security.”

Digital society is dependent on data and information technology. Much of our daily life, behavior and interests are recorded. This data is then processed, transported and stored. “This makes the importance of information security even more important,” says Martin. “This is not only about securing the message itself, the data, but also the network where it is transported and where it is stored. This is how you create a situation where we maximize the reliability of information. And reduces the chances of hackers and cybercriminals. A secure and reliable network is crucial.”

CONNECT is a public-private partnership in the Northern Netherlands

CONNECT is an organization whose main goal is to keep ICT talent in the North, and whose members range from private and non-profit organizations to educational institutions. Several projects are currently underway, each of which contributes to this goal in its own way. These projects include exchange programs, retraining programs, information meetings and master classes aimed at both MBO and HBO training, as well as intercompany exchange programs and skills development. According to chairman Erik Miedema, CONNECT’s success is based on partnerships between the public and private sectors.

The municipalities and provinces of the Northern Netherlands promote the retraining of those who are far from the labor market and those looking for new challenges, so that they can specialize in the ICT sector. This is supported by a well-coordinated training program from MBO to university. Companies and the government offer apprenticeships and job guarantees, which creates a decisive path to skill development and employment. In addition, companies involve regional educational institutions in research and turn innovations into employment and economic growth, says Erik Miedema.

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