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Yvette Nicole Brown Knows ‘Literally Nothing’ About Community Movie

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While fans have been pining for a Community movie for years and are finally getting one shortly, Yvette Nicole Brown, who played Shirley Bennett in every season of the show except its last, apparently did not know much about it.

Brown didn’t know anything about it until the Community movie had been announced. Brown confessed that before a Community movie was announced, she was very much in the dark regarding whether one would ever happen, much like the fans were, even though the fans themselves have been asking her about it.


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While being approached by Variety at the Disenchanted premiere, Brown said that she knows nothing about the movie despite the fans asking her for the details. “I don’t know anything about the movie! I keep telling people I don’t know anything, and they keep asking me. I don’t know nothing about the movie. Nothing.” Brown then confessed that she knew around the exact time that everyone else did when her co-star announced that the film was a go. “Joel McHale said it was happening. That’s how I know.” When the Community film was announced, it was reported that Brown had not signed on for the full-length film.

Brown played Bennett on Community from 2009 to 2014 but left the show after it was cancelled by NBC to take care of her father. However, she did appear in small cameos in the show’s last season. McHale, Alison Brie, Gilligan Jacobs, Danny Pudi, Ken Jeong, and Jim Rash have reportedly all been signed on to do the movie. Show creator Dan Harmon says Donald Glover is down to return for the show’s upcoming movie. It’s good timing too, since Glover’s hit comedy, Atlanta, just finished up in 2022. It appears that, due to his fiery departure from the show, Chevy Chase will not return to the show as Pierce Hawthorne unless something miraculously changes.

For the movie to work, they are going to need all the ingredients at their disposal for it to work. Shirley may not have been the show’s biggest standout, but she added to the show’s dynamic because of her passive aggressiveness and her moral compass balancing out with the others in the Community study group. Of course, she hasn’t played the character in years, but the comedic timing that Brown brought to her character made her enjoyable to watch when interacting with some of the other characters, particularly Britta since the two had such drastically different outlooks on life.

Funny enough, when the show ended, every main character got closure except for Shirley. There was never that climactic Community moment that ended her arc as a character. Shirley just up and left. While the movie is going to resume these characters’ lives, hopefully, Shirley will get some closure regarding her arc when it’s all said and done.

The Community movie will be released on Peacock.

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